I have a problem; my daughter was given a fighting fish for her birthday as a present but the fish does not swim around much at all and all it seems to do is stay on the bottom of the tank I have had the fish now for about 2 months now it was not like that when I first got it it seemed happy now its miserable. Does anyone know anything about this type of fish as I am seriously puzzled. Many thanks.

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  • It’s because it’s cold. Trying putting the tank in a warmer spot.

  • It may be sick or the water could need the ph adjusting. If it is in a small tank / bowl the water will need changing more often. A larger tank may make it happier. Also consider the water temperature – colder climates may make it less active. Could also be sick – any white spots or fungus?

  • yeah they are an animal not an ornament so get them a bigger tank

  • My daughter was also given a fighting fish for her birthday. I found once it was moved to a larger tank it was happier.

  • Glad you have seen some improvement, now to try these methods on our one!

  • Many thanks for the help everyone very much appreciated I have now moved the fish to a more lighter place and have done a few other things that you have mentioned he he seems happier so thanks everyone

  • Look nice when swimming around, which is seldom but generally they’re boring.

  • We’ve had these, yes they do like a warm environment and they do best looking in a mirror or you can buy the special Siamese Fighting glass containers (some come in lovely shapes) that have a divider in the middle to separate them so you can house two, they’ll like looking at each other.

  • Have had fighting fish too. They need warmth and they need a mirror! And they don’t do much swimming around at all…but hey, they’re a gorgeous looking fish just look so lonely all by themselves.

  • I agree with the other moms. it needs a bit of warmth. I do feel sorry for these fish as they have to be kept alone. I’ve noticed that when they are sold they are in tanks all close together. It might be worth asking at your local aquarium whether you really need two, albeit in separate tanks.

  • Don’t over feed it and try and keep it in a warmish place as they don’t like the real cold.
    Also they don’t like their water been changed to often and when you do change the water only get rid of half then refill

  • they do like some warmth as they are tropical fish so if it’s cold in your house maybe move him to a warm spot during the day to warm him up :) we’ve noticed my daughters fish is much more active after doing that. Also make sure he doesn’t get overfed :)

  • Hi, I used to keep this type of fish and my advice is to be careful not to overfeed them. They have a tendency to gorge on food and become constipated.
    Also, make sure that the tank water has the chance to get nice and warm during the day. These fish are originally from a tropical environment and prefer the warmth. My Beta used to get fairly sluggish during winter so I moved him to a spot that got some filtered sun during the day and he perked up nicely.
    He’ll be needing some exercise too and they’re colloquially called “Fighting Fish” for a reason. Occasionally pop a mirror up next to the tank so that he can see himself. He’ll think that it’s an intruder and they’re VERY territorial. Some fish get more worked up than others so I’d only do this for a few minutes a day if they become particularly agitated. Personally, I like to give my Betas a slightly bigger tank than the teeny tiny ones that the pet shops sell for them. That way there’s some room to add in some plants to help stimulate him.
    I hope this helps. Good luck :-)

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