I’m thinking about getting a Sony E-Reader 7″. How easy is it to download books, and journals? Can you highlight pages and bookmark etc?

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  • It’s relatively easy. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be a pro at it. Nothing beats an actual book, in your hands, with a bookmark though

  • It’s really easy to download books to an ereader. I still prefer a good old book, so easy to use and I’m given a lot so they’re not expensive

  • Its very easy to download books and you find a lot of good books for free online too. Depends which brand you get as to what other bits and bobs it does. I suggest you have a list of what you want it to do and then go out and check some out

  • ya know, you can get phones that do this job quite well.

  • I don’t have experience with the Sony but have 2 kindles. I love love love them! Downloading books is as easy as purchasing from the computer and then when you have your kindle on with wifi it automatically downloads. It’s easy to highlight pages and bookmark too – so I assume Sony would be the same. I think once you get one and have a play you won’t look back.

  • They are great and can be used for all non iTunes books..ie Amazon etc

  • Sorry, I should have mentioned, yes you can bookmark and highlight with e-readers. I would imagine if you are thinking of buying one then you probably would have researched what the Sony can and can’t do. I am aware though that the Sony store does not have as many titles as the other stores and their prices are higher, however it does have other advantages :-)

  • We have two here a Kindle Paperwhite that has the built in light and a Kobo Glo which also has a light. Here is the very short version of how it all works:

    Once you get your ereader you’ll plug it into your computer and follow the instructions so that you can install your desktop application.

    Once you’re all up and running you’ll be able to visit the online store for your ereader and browse the books you want to download. There will be a number of free books and others you will pay for.

    Some people think that you can only download from the store that is brand linked to your ereader, as an example for a Kindle it’s Amazon, however that’s not entirely true. There are a number of other places that you will be able to download books from depending on the type of ereader you have and how savvy you are on the internet sourcing out the different sites. Keep in mind that a lot of libraries now offer a few platforms for you to borrow books using your ereader, also check out Project Gutenberg – one of my favourites and you can use Kindle on that site as well, heaps of free books, not the latest ones of course as you need to appreciate what Project Gutenberg is all about.

    Once you have selected your book from the store and paid for it (if it isn’t free) it will download to your ereader and you can get started reading it. If you have internet connection on the ereader itself then you can download books on the go.

    There will be many other features on your ereader, size of font, you can password protect it just in case it gets lost or stolen and a range of other options for you.

    I’m a book collector and avid reader so it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to buy our ereaders and I’m so pleased I did. I still love paper books and will never stop buying them.

    0ur ereaders are used for convenience like when we are travelling. I love technology, we are able to have the best of both worlds and no longer feel that I’m a traitor to paper books.

    Once you get the hang of it, I’m sure you’ll love the convenience of your ereader.

  • I don’t know about Sony specifically, but on most e-readers it’s easy to download books (after the first time, which can take a little while if you’re new to it or unsure), and you can generally bookmark pages, highlight text, etc very easily. The exact level of functionality will depend a bit on how much money you spend.

  • I’m getting a sony from jb hi if for the same purpose. Check out their online catalogue.

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