I’m trying to de-clutter the house! I have 3 boys 5, 2 and 5 week I have a small house with bugger all storage but I’m finding it hard to throw things out, what’s the easiest way to part with things or find the importance of it?

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  • Be ruthless! My rule is that if you haven’t used in a set time, get rid of it!

  • anything you havent used in 6 months, it goes. Sell it on fb to make some money

  • If it hasn’t been used for a while toss it!
    Keep anything of sentimental values of course but anything that rarely gets used or hasn’t been used for a while throw it out! You will be surprised at how much stuff you get rid of!
    If you struggle to part with things ask someone you trust to come help you & support you.

  • Gosh I need help with this too – I’m such a hoarder!

  • Also; maybe enlist a friend or family member to assist you?

  • It can be tricky; however, if an item that is not sentimental has not be touched or used for 6 months then it needs to go. Put precious/sentimental items in a special cupboard/display cabinet.

  • make it simple
    go through each room and make 3 piles- keep or donate or toss
    sort into those piles
    you can also get the kids to help do their room but if you need toys gone, give them a tub each that they put their keep toys in so you limit that

    what you decide to keep, store properly and label

  • get rid of anything you haven’t used recently. we are all guilty of hoarding things saying maybe i will need it one day. 20 years later you are still saying the same thing with the same item. Have a garage sale or donate to charity anything not being used. you can make some money, help those less fortunate and de clutter your house all in the one go. Win win I say :-) good luck

  • I say if I’m not going to use it in the next few months, it goes. Sell it to make a little extra cash as well

  • If you havent used it since last season, chuck it. I had to that with clothes and cooking stuff when I moved house

  • If space is a premium try the idea of bunk beds. The top one for sleeping the bottom one for storage, this is easily achieved by adding curtains or by adding panelling to three sides and a curtain to the fourth. I also suggest the how often used method. If its not used, pack it up and store for a month, if asked for get it out if not get rid of it.

  • If you find your babies playing with certain things that seem to be their favourites then keep those things and perhaps donate the ones they no longer play with to charity. Same with clothes and books etc.. That’s what we’ve done anyway. Good luck!

  • As your little one grows out of clothes pack them up and give them to charity.
    Kids have lots of junky toys that really have no meaning and they really wont miss. Out they go.
    Go through your clothing and if you havent worn the items in the last couple of years…I say 2 years because for part of that time you have been pregnant…then out it goes.
    Ditch kitchen appliances that you havent used in the past year….no sense keeping them.

  • I hope to find the answer to that too.
    I have so much stuff.

  • when we moved into a smaller home, I packed things I was not sure I was going to need, after 6 moths sitting in the garage I op shop so many boxs that I had no need for. To start with I started in 1 room and worked in 30 mins slots so it did not over whelm me

  • My way of doing this throwing away things Is I pack them up and put them away for a year and if I have not had to use them in that year then I give them away to friends or to charity

  • I have a very similar issue. We have a small 3 bedroom townhouse but have a 31 yr old man child with his toys, a 7 yr old, 2 yr old and a 4 month old, then there’s my toys (cake decorating tools just to be clear!) I try to unclutter monthly if not more! I have nappy boxes coming out the wazoo so i use them a lot to store toys in – I have one for cars/vehicles one for tracks etc. I also have one of those big plastic buckets that we keep the outside toys in – balls bats etc. Also before buying something I have to ask my self am I buying it to fill a need or a want. Wants rarely win these days with space at an all time low! When throwing out or donating toys i get the kids involved – do they play with it? Is it broken? Ask them what they would like to give to a less fortunate child. Not only do you get rid of some toys willingly but you teach the kids about giving and caring for others in need. The other thing is if it’s broken throw it. I used to always go oh I’ll fix that … it never happens throw it now!

  • I take things to the op shop that haven’t been touched in a while

  • It can be overwhelming so I try to break it into lots of small jobs. If I get one job done per day, then I’m getting somewhere. Donating some of the lesser used items to charity helps in that someone else will probably derive some pleasure or use from those items which beats just simply throwing them away.

  • Yep, get the kids involved. They will show what toys and items of theirs are important to them. At least if they filter it, then you do, you should have a good idea of what should stay or go.

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