Okay it’s been almost 3 months since I had my implant removed due to heavy and prolonged periods and serious mood swings!!! Me and my husband have a 6 year old daughter and an almost 2 year old!! We are wanting to expand our family, but we wanted to wait until our youngest was actually 2.. I was due for my period on the 15th, I’m now two days late with a negative pregnancy test. Me and my husband have sex on the 8th which was my last fertile day! Is there a chance that I could be pregnant?

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  • I realise this is old. How did it turn out for you? Maybe you already know this, but any time you take hormonal birth control, it can take a while for your body to adjust when you come off it. More than likely a negative test means you are not pregnant or you tested too early. It is pretty rare for a woman who is pregnant to test negative one week after her period is due. If you get a negative and you are late wait a few days and test again. If it is still negative and no period, test weekly. If you still don’t get a period a month after your period is due see a doctor.

  • The only way you’ll know for sure is to wait a few more days and take another test. The two week wait is the hardest when you are ttc! Good luck and baby dust to you

  • There’s definitely a chance! Although it could be your body just readjusting after coming off the implanon. I was in a similar position last month – my period ended up coming about 4 days late. I’d stick it out of a few more days, test again, and then go to your GP if you are still uncertain :)

  • If you had unprotected sexual there’s always the chance you could be pregnant. Head to your GP who can do better tests then over the counter ones

  • yes, you had sex you could be pregnant

  • There is always a chance that you might be pregnant. I suggest waiting a few more days restes or pop to the GP and get a blood test done.

  • I’d think it was just your body getting used to no longer being on birth control. If you are 2 days late a good pregnancy test should pick that up already. Maybe see your dr for a blood test.

  • You could be. I would suggest waiting at least a week before testing again. Then based on the outcome maybe a further week. By that stage you should well and truly have an answer either way.

  • I had the implanon, fell pregnant 2 months later. I know a few other women who were the same.

  • There is a chance of course but also it could be your body just adjusting to not having the implant in.
    Wait a few days and test again.
    Good luck :)

  • Hey hun you could be !! Allthough it could just be your cycle still getting back to normal . Maybe test again in a week or if still unsure get the doctor to do a blood test . Congratulations if you are x

  • Hopefully you’ve taken another test by now and have an answer. Let us know who you are doing.

  • I would go and get a blood test to be sure. It is too early to tell any other way.

  • of course there is a chance, not all pregnancy tests cater for very early results, either wait until 10 days late or go to the doctor for a blood test

  • If you had sex there is always a chance. But 2 days wouldn’t be ringing too many alarm bells yet. Especially combined with a nrgative test.

  • There is the chance. But maybe by now your period has arrived.

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