Hi all,

My Bub has cradle cap and it was quite thick and dry so I’ve been using organic coconut oil twice a day and after 5 days, I could easily peel it off but I’ve noticed it does come back.

Is this normal?

What do you guys do to keep it away?

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  • Keep persisting with the oil and a soft brush afterwards.

  • I think it’s great that your trying I had problems too I just washed his hair more often though not too much too and that helped alot I used curash shampoo

  • Maybe keep using the oil but make sure you brush baby’s head. This helped for mine.

  • All four of our kids had thick and persistent cradle cap as well. We used coconut oil too but after letting it soak in for a bit, I would brush it lightly with a soft baby hairbrush. It did return a few times but it was less and less every time. Hope that helps!

  • My first born had cradle cap and I could never get rid of it, then the hairdresser told me when ever I washed his hair to use a fine tooth comb and comb it through every single time and within a month it was gone and has never returned!

  • Do not use olive oil it USED to be a well known method to clear but midwives are now not recommending this as it can allow bactera to grow and cause infection.

  • Moo Goo Scalp Cream IS THE BEST! So good and worked immediately. Give baby a bath (i even use it on my older child when she occasionally gets it) and brush hair, put the scalp cream on (preferably before bed because its quite greasy) and it worked overnight for us. Smells great and no nasties.

  • A small amount of pure oil like organic olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil should help.

  • I would encourage you to try sorbolene because it’s gentle and worked for me.

  • Cradle cap is the scourge of the earth! I’ve found I’ve had to really keep onto keeping my babies head well moisturised after each bath otherwise it comes back. What seems to work for us is coconut oil rubbed on and then gently rubbed with a damp face washer before each bath, then after the bath I apply Baby Bee honey and herb cream. It’s an organic cream made in tassie which really does seem to work miracles and clears any cradle cap up after a day or two.

  • We used olive oil and got similar problems of re-occurrence. I would have tried coconut oil if I’d known how good it is meant to be (antibacterial etc.). Now I’d also look to diet since I think that certain intolerances or imbalances in fat intake might be an issue; along with overhanging imbalances from pregnancy (Looking back I think we’d have been low on Omega-3 intake during pregnancy and into early years of feeding). I’ve heard wheat, and all its products (maltodextrin etc.) can also cause issues but am still trying to sift out what ‘science’ to ‘believe’ and what is just internet alternative rubbish!

  • We had issues with my son when he was a bit older (about 2). It was so bad that chunks of his hair fell out. The only thing that worked for use was using a Moo Goo Scalp Cream product which is designed for Seborrheic Dermatitis and Cradle Cap. It was a cream which made it hard to get in under his thick hair but it worked!!! Occasionally the crustiness returns but is gone as soon as we use the cream again.

  • I know I dealt with cradle cap quite quickly and easily but I cannot remember what I did. I’m sure it would have involved either Johnson’s baby oil, or more likely I used Redwin’s sorbolene.

  • Personally I think coconut oil is the best indeed ! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • I think you should go to Doctors or your chemist to advice you what is best fir your baby. If dealt with properly is the best advise, as I have had adult friends in my life that still suffer from this and have to go to hairdressers to remove it but unfortunatly it still comrs back, So good wisdom to deal with this is important

  • What particular brand of baby oil?

  • Baby oil worked on mine, both getting rid of it and keeping it away.

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