Hi mums, a friend is hosting her own baby shower. I was wondering if I would need to buy both a baby shower present and a newborn present? I am also pregnant and not having a baby shower and would feel a bit ripped off if I have to buy both. Thanks.

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  • When money is tight you could do a small gift for both occasions, it’s about the gesture/your heart

  • For close friends, I would buy both. For more distant friends, I’d buy a baby shower gift and just a card for the newborn.

  • Usually I do, but the newborn gift is something super small like a romper or a pram toy..

  • Buy two smaller gifts and you won’t feel ripped off at all .

  • I agree with all the MoMs here. It really does depend on how close you are to this person. If you’re not sure about what to do, maybe buy two smaller gifts (one for the shower and one for the newborn), rather than one large one.

  • I would definitely buy both if you are close to her, if you are just a friend then just the baby shower.

  • Depends on your friendship and how close you are. I would think you only have to buy one gift, however if it’s a really close friend you’ll probably find you can’t help yourself but buy a gift once bub comes along.

  • i think it is polite to buy for both

  • I don’t necessarily buy both. I’ve often done my own compilation of a gift pack, so if I know the person is a big present person I can spend the same amount on a baby shower present and give it in 2 parts. U got a few extra presents from people aftrr my baby was born but didn’t expect to.

  • I normally do! doesn’t have to be big. you could always cook for her instead! wait till baby is christened then you got to buy another present lol

  • It depends on how close you are to the person. When my best friend of 15 years had her baby shower I bought her a gift and when her baby was born I bought her another gift but for my other friends I have only you bought a baby shower gift because I am not as close to them as I am with my best friend and I find that only close family and friends buy new born gifts.

  • I always have as any of the baby showers I’ve been to have been for good friends and I’ve never really thought about not. Usually I’m so excited to see a newborn so going shopping for them is just as exciting…and makes me very clucky!!!
    Doesn’t have to be anything big :)

  • I think it is nice to give a baby shower gift and a gift when the baby is born, just buy something small for both. If you are feeling ripped off that you won’t be getting two gifts maybe you should throw yourself a baby shower

  • I buy a baby shower present for the bub and once born; flowers and a gift for mum as she deserves and needs pampering! :)

  • It depends on how close you are.
    I would definitely buy the baby shower present at least. If you’re planning on visiting mum & bub in hospital, I would probably take a small gift too.

  • If you are family or really close friends I would probably buy both. You should have a baby shower, they are great for when your baby does come along

  • I think it depends on how close you are – for my really close friends I was happy to buy both, and enjoyed it. But for friends I’m not so close to, I usually buy one or the other. Personally, I only ever expected one present (if any at all), and was particularly touched by the people who gave my babies two presents.

  • I’ve always bought both. The amount I spend usually depends on my relationship with the person. I used to spend more on the newborn present as I wanted to know the baby was born and ok first.

  • Yes I’ve always given a present at the baby shower and then again when the baby is born. Different things. The birth present is usually presonalised with babies name, date of birth etc, and baby shower one more generalised baby product.

  • Yep! I do.
    I bought my best friends baby something when we found out she was having a girl, baby shower gifts and will be getting bub something when she arrives as well. Im on a very tight budget but I love my bestie and her wee little one growing. You dont have to get much and you dont have to buy for bub twice. A simple bunch of flowers and a small gift for bubs when they arrive isnt much. I got nothing from any of my firends for my 3rd bub I just had 12 weeks ago and im ok with that but a card and flowers would have been nice.

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