I read recently that more and more women are choosing to keep their own name when marrying. I did – 16 years ago tomorrow we were married – and in all those years I have met very few who have also kept their own name. Just curious to know.

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  • I kept my name. Never had any intention of changing it, I find the tradition of name changing very outdated.

  • I took my husband’s name. I would only have kept my maiden name if I didn’t like my husband’s surname.

  • Two of my sister in law did. One couldn’t be bothered with the change and wanted her own self identity , the other was for business reasons . I think some men wont like that though so it may depend on the spouse if they agree on it I guess .

  • I took my husband’s name (I couldn’t wait to get rid of my name) but I have 2 friends who didn’t follow tradition. One kept her own name & her son has his dad’s last name. The other kept her last name & her husband took her name too! :)

  • I did not keep my name

  • I have a friend who opted for the double surname, she added her husbands, and he added hers! When my daughter married, my granchildren had both names and she was going to change everyone’s surname to their dads. My Grandson objected and said I am named after my poppy, I want to keep his name too, so they did.

  • I changed my surname to my husbands name! I felt emotional about not having my maiden name anymore but loved th new chapter in my life with my husband. Also, I wanted to have the same surname as our children!

  • No, I wanted to take my husband’s name, I wanted to be his wife, and to me it helped to show the world that I was starting a new life and a new journey as two, not as one…To each his own, I guess, but I love sharing my husband’s name with him…and with our children as well !

  • I married my partner last year at the age of 40. I didn’t change my name simply because I have a business in my name, and I figured it would get too confusing going through life with two identities.
    My husband wasn’t bothered either way, but if it had meant a lot to him and I didn’t own the business, then I probably would have changed it. It’s just not that big a deal to us.
    Our son has my husband’s surname, which means I’m the odd one out in our little family, but it’s seriously never been an issue for us. For example, the teachers at school all ask me what my surname is – no one ever assumes I have the same name as my son.
    It’s a personal decision and there’s no right or wrong reason for keeping/changing your name. I don’t believe it should be so controversial in this day and age.

  • I took my husbands name.
    One thing that i dont think is right though. My husband was married previously and his exwife left him. She then met a guy and became pregnant to him and had his child but they didnt get married and the relationship ended. When the baby was born she gave the baby her last name which was her married name from her married to my husband. So there was this child that had nothing at all to do with my husband or his family and she has their name. I think that if the man isnt good enough for you to want to remain married to them then you should give them back their name also. Different if they leave you or if you have children together.

  • I changed my name but it really is a personal choice, I know plenty of people who have kept theirs for a variety of reasons. I didn’t mind changing my name and am glad to have the same name as my husband and children….

  • I got married 18 years ago and chose to take my husband’s name, I was proud to be married and take his name and I felt like it made up a family.

  • When i get married next year I’m Keeping my name for work (mostly because of the industry i work in and type of job)but for everything else am changing it.

  • I kept my name as it is uncommon and I am proud of my name and my heritage. My husband didn’t mind. I also made a promise to my grandfather when I was younger that I would always keep my name, so I’ve kept that promise. If people make a mistake and call me by my husband’s name, I don’t let it bother me. I do go by Mrs though as I don’t like Ms and I am married after all!

    I know of at least 3 other people who kept their name and others who wanted to but changed it because their husband really wanted them to!

  • I am 41 and got married this year and in the process of changing my name to my husbands. The kids love it. I also don’t think by changing my name makes me loose my identity at all. It makes our family stronger.

  • No I changed it to my married name.

  • I was quite happy to take my husbands name…its the way i was brought up so i naturally assumed to do the same plus it moved me up the alphabet list from O to B so bonus ;-)

  • Legally I havent got around to changing my last name yet but I am known by my married name and I cant wait to change it legally.

  • Yes, I kept my own name. Although sometimes it’s easier to be Mrs Married Name (eg for my son’s kindy friends).

  • i took my husbands but when someone asks my name i still forget that its changed lol

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