I have a 13mo with a lip tie, our MCHN isn’t too worried but I was wondering if they cause issues with speech, teeth etc as the child gets older?

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  • It can cause issues later on. I gad a friend whose daughter had one, my friend didn’t want it touched, wanted nature to take its course. Until the girl was around 2, then she’s realised the impact and had it fixed

  • It can cause problems indeed, but doesn’t always. Also depends on how severe it is. Definitely talk about your concerns with your practitioner.

  • My daughter has a severe lip tie and I wish I had got it snipped when she was little because she now has a huge gap in her teeth from it. The oral surgeon told me most kids fall and tear it themselves but she never has, hers is very thick. Now I know she will need braces to correct it.

  • My son had tongue tie and the top lip, he couldn’t stick his tongue out and his top teeth would have come Through with a gap so we went with a quick surgery when he was 6months old. I would talk to your doctor and see what’s best for your situation!

  • I think the primary concern is with feeding,

  • Check with your local GP and ask that the long term effect could be

  • Danilamia, my son had the procedure done in his teens before he had braces & it was called frenumectomy,(not sure of the spelling) removal of the tissue between the top central teeth.

  • We had our sons tounge tie cut when he was about 5mo and the (i cant remeber the techincal name for the doctor) doctor said that they wont cut the top lip tie till his adult teeth come through (didnt give me a reason) but leaving it can cause a gap in the front teeth and latching issues if you breast feed (as does a tounge tie) get it looked into maybe another doctor might cut the tie before it causes much problems

  • My granddaughter had her lip tie snipped when she was 1 day old as the Dr said she would have problems sucking & funnily my son had a similar problem that didn’t affect him feeding but he ended up needing orthodontic work years later.

  • I Agree with other moms, seek further options.

  • Yes it could to both speech and dental issues.

  • Get another opinion as I’m also lead to believe they can cause speech problems

  • Yes they can cause issues with a lot of things, speech, eating solids etc and can also cause teeth decay depending on how severe the lip tie is.
    of you feel that you MCHN isn’t paying attention or taking you seriously you should listen to your mummy instinct, then you should go to your GP and push to get a referral to a speech pathologist or see a Lactation Consultant if you are still breastfeeding. Either of these will be able to tell.
    I had to fight to get my little boy referred onto a Speech Pathologist from my GP and it turns out he has a category 3 lip tie and an anterior tongue tie which often go together.
    If you had any issues breastfeeding, this could be the cause.
    Good luck!

  • It will depend on the severity of the lip tie – if you are at all worried, get a second opinion. Lip ties normally indicate tongue ties – has your little one been checked for that? The tongue tie is likely to cause more issues than the lip tie (again, depending on the severity, tongue ties can affect speech, the ability to clean your own teeth with your tongue, the ability to chew food properly, etc). I had a lip tie that had to be cut when I was a teenager because it kept separating my front teeth and causing a huge gap (mum thinks I may have had a tongue tie when I was born, but in those days the midwives used to cut them as a matter of course without raising the issue – and in the old days they used to do it with their fingernails!).

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