I don’t see a lot of kids running around these days without shoes. Is this because of the dangers of syringes in parks sadly or are parents these days germ conscious.

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  • I don’t really like my kids running around bare foot outside as you don’t know what they’ll step on – glass, needles etc.
    At home is fine but definitely not outside.

  • My kids walk on barefeet mainly in and around the house, but wear mostly their shoes when we’re out and about (except for the beach).My 5yr old has Down syndrome, she still throws shoes and socks and when she does I remove socks and shoes.

  • I only let my child go barefoot when his at home, but I have a thing about bare feet it grosses me out lol. But in general at the park I’m more concerned about the syringe and broken glass not so much a germ thing

  • My son doesnt wear shoes from time to time it really depends where you are and if you know your surroundings but i agree with your comment and its good for them and yourself to be able to

  • I do a bit of both, depending on situation.
    I am also from a smaller country town, so things usually arent to far a walk or drive.
    My eldest (5yrs) will have shoes for most places- unless we are at pond, pool etc. Happy for no shoes at home. If he wants no shoes at park so be it.
    My littlest (20 months) will often go shoeless- mainly due to removing shoes and throwing. But if we go shopping etc shoes are on. School drop offs are no shoes as i will carry her or never get her out of the school.

  • Now that you mention it, you don’t see a lot of shoeless kids. I used to always be barefoot as a kid, yet I always insisted my kids wear shoes whenever they went outside. Mainly for safety, avoiding prickles, broken glass, hot surfaces etc

  • My kids are only bare foot when they are inside otherwise it’s shoes on. You never know what they can stand on and I’d rather prevent it. Even the beach isn’t as safe as it used to be which is sad. We prefer not going to parks that have sand due to the outrageous numbers of needles and glass that can be found. Each to their own, though.

  • I still wouldn’t wear shoes if I didn’t have to and I have allowed my boys to grow up without shoes in appropriate places. My general rule was if you couldn’t see what you were standing on then shoes had to be worn,

  • Country girl living an urban life here lol but I grew up without shoes – nothing like prickled grass and gravel to toughen your feet up ???? my son almost 3 is the exact same! Hates shoes but I insist he wear them out to the park (needles, blue bottle jellyfish) little hippy he is haha.

  • At the beach I agree. The best place to walk barefoot!

  • My kids are mostly shoeless inside. in our yard they wear shoes (we have chooks and ducks).

  • Personally, fear of syringes/broken glass, sharp objects mean shoes on. However at the beach, sandpit etc, shoes definately off

  • There are places for no shoes and places for shoes. At home, at the beach , in the garden, at the river and other places – no shoes. Busy areas definitely shoes. Feet need air time and to dry and breathe too – so it really is just about balance.

  • I never put shoes on my grandaughters in the house in summer they play outside with no shoes. I think the old story is it toughens ones feet up.

  • I think it’s a combination of both the points you make. I remember being able to run around barefoot as a kid – in the garden, the park or down the beach – it certainly isn’t seen much nowadays. It is definitely a sad sign of the times!

  • I personally don’t like seeing kids running around without shoes. Unless they are in their own garden.

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