How long before it’s just a bully item in the nappy bag?

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  • Yes, when your child needs a nappy change when out and about it’s definitely a must have item. Not so long ago my daughter was in the hospital for a surgery. I had a wee walk outside and saw a couple changing their child on a picnic table without a changing mat under it. Very unhygienic and inconsiderate. They left and minutes later other people arrived to have their morning tea at that very same table ! If only they knew.

  • I think if your child is still wearing a nappy of course it’s a good item in the nappy bag its cleaner

  • Definitely a staple in my nappy bag. I don’t trust how clean the parents rooms are and wouldn’t want to expose Bub to any viruses etc. but also if I don’t have access to a parents room I can change her in the boot or backseat of the car. I also find traditional change mats to be very bulky so I use disposable ones. They are much thinner and just throw them out once they get dirtied.

  • I still do, purely for hygiene reasons and that I can change him anywhere if I can’t find a parent room. Like my car boot if I had to!

  • It’s an essential keeps others germs off your baby and your babies mess contained to the mat. You never know when you’ll be dealing with a poo or wee situation and in what location.

  • I know a Grandma who kept one in her car boot……and used one in her boot a few times. The little ones often went to a holiday house with her at weekends. Some areas there was no conveniences nearby and you don’t want to leave a “poo” nappy on your little one any longer than absolutely necessary. Nor you want the smell in your car. As an Auntie I kept a pottie (just the pot) in an old large handbag in the boot for awhile.

  • I always had a change may whilst my kids were in nappies. Honestly, I went the other way around and bought a mat with a built in pocket for wipes and nappy sacks so that I could ditch the nappy bag. Kids can be weaned off bottles at 1, and sippy cups by 2. By then regurgitation is also dealt with and you can get away with a spare set of clothes in the boot of the car or bottom of the stroller. The need to change nappies often drags on a little longer.

    If you find its bulky, maybe consider getting a smaller one that just hours under a toddlers backside (with roll space either side) just in case you have to make an unplanned nappy change in a festy toilet block.

  • We have always brought a change mat (not the disposable ones though). I usually wipe down the change table/surface with wipes before I lay the change mat. Even though my daughter is sort of toilet-trained I still bring it for just in case moments (poo). I guess you can totally forego the change mat when you bub/kid is totally toilet-trained.

  • I never leave the house without mine. When folded up it turns into a little wallet and fits in a few nappies and wipes so its perfect for when i just want to leave in a rush

  • Not so long ago my youngest went for a heart operation to the hospital. When I had a little walk in the hospital garden in the early morning, I saw a couple changing their young child on the picnic table (without the use of a changing mat). Not long after they left I saw a nurse sitting down at that very same picnic table, drinking her coffee and eating her breakfast….
    Not only is it unhygienic, in some circumstances I think it’s rather anti-social not to use a changing mat.

  • I always use mine because I don’t trust that other people will have cleaned up after themselves. I clean up before and after I change my son. I do this because it takes only a few moments and is a lot easier than dealing with a skin infection or him picking up a virus or tummy bug from icky surfaces!

  • yes i wouldnt leave the house with either a portable change mat (reusable) or a disposable one its a must have for germs to stay away can you imagine how many babies make a pit stop to the change rooms any where you go.. in answer i defienantly do!

  • We always use one on public baby change tables

  • For as long as my kids were in nappies is how long I used a change mat for, especially in public places

  • I only use the disposable changing mats, but most times the changing rooms at my local shopping centre have rolls that can be used so I use them too.

  • I always used a change mat when going out. I have one at home, which was made for me, it is material, but I like to have a pack of disposable ones with me, as I don’t want to use my material one, get germs on it, them pop it back in my nappy bag, so disposable are great for going out, use it once and throw it out. I hope this helps you in your decisions on what to use and when. Cheers

  • I use the disposable ones when out and about.

  • Yes, my nappy bag came with a change mat which I like to use as you never know what germs might be lurking on change tables in parents rooms. Also, sometimes when you go out there may not be easy access to a proper change facility and change mats are handy when you might need to change bubs on the ground or a park bench.

  • I still use mine at 15 months old! I just prefer to avoid those yucky germs, especially after a bub has done a poo. It can help prevent infection and spreading illness. I’m just overly paranoid about that stuff though :)

  • I didnt. I always had a spare muslin wrap or blanket.
    Would wipe down area with baby wipe, then place blanket and bub.

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