Just wondering how common money boxes are these days? My kids have a few but was surprised when I went to a friends house & gave her child some coins to put in his money box as he helped out with carrying some bags, to be told he hasn’t got one. Odd or not?

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  • My son has one and so will his little brother when he is born. All my nieces and nephews have them and it’s such a good way to teach them to save. They fill it up then we put it into their savings account unless they are specifically saving for some like my nephew who wants a computer for school otherwise it goes in there and they can have some savings when they are older

  • My daughter is almost 2 and has 2 money boxes. 1 she puts all her birthday money in and the other is just one we put random coins in. She doesn’t yet understand the concept of money so we will wait till she is older to teach her about saving and spending.

  • Children should not expect money for everything, being part of a family should include doing chores and helping, but my kids do have pocket money for doing extra special jobs and birthday money

  • I had one as a kid and loved saving money. My kids both had them but weren’t so great at saving. My grandson has one he received as a gift when he was born. It’s pretty big and he’s doing quite well at filling it. Although at age 3, he doesn’t really understand what money is for

  • Perhaps a money box would make a great gift for this child.

  • Ours have money boxes. The younger one doesn’t understand the concept of it yet.. The olderone know that you have to save money to be able to buy things, and hopefully sensibly. I remember my Grandma buying her little niece a small disney pillow. She gave her niece half the money to hand to the shop assistant and Mum gave the lady the rest of it. It was to teach her that things you get in shops are not free, you have to pay money for them. My Mum also put money aside each week for occasional treats. We never knew when we were going to receive any. We probably appreciated them more that way. By the time we started work it had been installed in us to save the money to buy what we wanted. I always thought of it as a reward of my achievement.

  • My daughter has a money box and uses some of the money for school canteen.

  • My daughter has a money box. She doesn’t get pocket money as such, but whenever she helps out Grandpa, Daddy or myself she will get a coin to put in her money box. She loves it! She is already a good saver at 4. When she gets lots of money, we go shopping. She feels really good about buying things for herself.

  • My son has a money box. He is very proud of his savings.

  • Got burgled not so long ago, they found all the money boxes and smashed them. Now we just transfer the money via internet into their account

  • My 4 yo has several but she doesn’t get pocket money. Her grandfather gives her a handful of coins when he visits and she divides the coins up into each box. It is a game.

  • my kids have one each but don’t really use them. they usually get given notes for birthdays and pocket money etc so they don’t really have coins.

  • yes, we have shared one in the kitchen, that the kids put their coins in. When it is full, I divide it up to go into their bank accounts.

  • My kids have a money box each to save the bit of birthday money they get from Grandparents. They also have a bank account each. Once a month I put $1 in their school banking. Not much, but something to teach them about the value of money. My youngest is not at school yet, but the school still accepts her deposit book and sends it home with one of her brothers and it saves me running to the bank separately. We don’t give them pocket money. The kids still have their chores, and we surprise them at random times with other treats like outings or a special dessert as a reward for their help.

  • My kids share a money box when full I will get another. until they reach school and I open up a Dollarmites account for them.

  • He has a money box. Great way to save.

  • Yes and its a great idea too!!!

  • Both my sons have a piggy bank. I’ve raided it a few times though lol!

  • my kids have got a huge one that we divide between them and they love to put money in there. i think that it is so useful to help teach them about saving at an early age. when they get bigger, they will have their own money box each

  • My kids all have one, and they get all the dollar coins to put in them.

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