DS was born 39wks, 2.9kg, 48cm long, left hospital 1wk 2.47kg 48.5cm long DS is now 11mo and weighs 7.8kg, 68 cm long. Three months ago he was 68cm and about 7kg so slow weight gain (been like this since birth but it’s slowed down further) and no length growth. Breastfed and hardly eats solids yet no matter how hard I try (maybe 1 tsp worth at breaky and dinner and some biscuits in between). He has been monitored every 2-3 m the last checkup he was asked to be seen sooner (4-6wks). My peads hasn’t really said much about it but he will just be a small child but I don’t think it’s normal to gain weight this slow and stop growing in length and now it’s concerning he wants to see him sooner than normal. I have a negative over reactive mind and need reassurance or even some questions I should be asking at the next check?


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  • My daughter just weighs 9 kg at almost 16 months, at 11, she weighed 6.5kg. They monitored her more closely but it came dos to her not eating that much.

  • I sure did!! My son lost weight for the first month of his life, and was way below the line for the next three or four months. Daily visits from the health nurse and I felt like a terrible parent!! My son is now 23yo, 6’4″ and strong – but still not terribly food oriented.

  • My 4th son is exactly the same, and at 17 months in 8.5 kg and 74 cm. We are under the care of a paediatrician too, who isn’t all that concerned, because the last 3 months he has been gaining weight, albeit, very small amounts!
    I’ve found adding almond meal to his custard and yoghurt and offering full fat milk as well as breast feeds helped a lot. I also offer lots of high fats foods such as cheeses or add it grated on top of his meals. You need to look carefully at labels though, because most foods these days are low fat, which doesn’t help our kids!!
    Try not to worry though, he may just be a small kid. As long as he’s healthy, he’ll be fine! :D

  • My little man is a slow grower, but as long as your gp and health specialises are happy, don’t stress. Just like adults, some children are skinny and some are chubbier. If he is reaching his developmental milestones, don’t stress.

  • I think as mums we all over worry and over think everything, im sure if it was anything serious then the doctor would of started doing some kinds of tests.
    If your not happy with what your doctor is saying ask him what he thinks is wrong and why hes not growing get him to tell you in “mummy langue” and not doctors.
    Also remember you can always ask for a second opinion.

  • You son is still showing a slow yet steady growth. Glad your paed is keeping a closer watch on him.Is he reaching is other milestones? I think you have reason to feel abit worried about his solid intake- he should be eating alot more.Food should be his main source of nutrition.Perhaps cut out the biscuit snacks & look at how often you are breastfeeding. Maybe he isn’t hungry. Have you spoken to your child maternal health nurse as well? Goodluck with your little man

  • As mums we all worry about what is normal ( ; I overworry too. When I was pregnant I was told ‘oh you’re so small’ I have a beautiful healthy little girl who is now seven! Your baby can be weighed and doctors will say the expected range and your little one might be under. Just think of kids and how many different sizes there are. Speaking of which my second girl is skinny minny and wasn’t a chub bub to hold at all. But healthy, eats well and is her own person. As long as bub is trying different solids, getting milk then sounds ok. Look at other milestones, are they able to sit on own, turn head and hold own head up, maintain eye contact. Hold onto toys. Maybe at meals in highchair give own spoon to hold with a little honey for texture and tastes to make eating fun, then a little mashed food, just to try and familiarise. If you stress at getting food in, it might not be fun at all, as you’re worrying about every mouthful. ( :

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