Hi ladies, I am absolutely terrified of needles, which is why I have so many questions. The midwife at the hospital wasn’t too helpful, in fact, they just scared me. So, I’m 22 (almost 23) weeks pregnant. I know you aren’t supposed to have the Gestational Diabetes test until you’re 28 weeks, but they’re worried about the size of my baby, she’s HUGE. So they want me to do the test next week, which I am totally terrified about. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I be worried? Do I absolutely have to have this test? Can I not just start eating a lot healthier and then it should be okay? Also, what do they do during the test? What carbs should I eat coming up to the test? Any advice would help, I’m really worried. I faint & vomit every time I get a needle, so 3 in 2 hours is going to be horrific. I know I sound like a sook, but this is my ultimate fear. I know it will be worth it in the end. HAHA. Thanks ladies :)

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  • If the doctor is advising you take the test, then take the test. It will take a couple of hours, so take a good book, do some knitting or anything else that relaxes you.

  • Its a compulsory test now and takes a couple of hours :(

  • I think this test is necessary for the health of you and your baby. I did my test at 16 weeks as I had a feeling something wasn’t right.
    Good Luck.

  • My partner had a test but ended up being ok.

  • Don’t stress, don’t change your diet or it won’t correctly read. Be sure to fast if that’s what you have been asked. I had to get the test at 20weeks pregnant and I had GD I ended up on insulin, giving myself a needle everyday so I’m used to needles now. Try not to overthink it. :) xxx

  • It is necessary to have the test for the health of both you and bub. Let them know that you are scared of needles and they should make you more comfortable.

  • I hate needles too and have had the test at least 5 times now. Tell them your scared of needles and maybe even ask to lay down if possible.

  • I am petrified of needles also and had to have this test and ended up with gestational diabetes, it is necessary to take the test you are talking about yours and your unborn babies health! I will give you some advice go to the chemist and get some emla cream it is numbing cream! I know where you are coming from this actually put me at ease using this otherwise i pass out or vomit as well! You put it on an hour before you go! I put it on both arms and alternated the blood tests to either side! I hope this helps! I am a total sook but needles are my biggest phobia!

  • I had the test and I hated needles – I then tested abnormal so had the second test and was advised I did have gestational diabetes – I then had to put needles into my fingers everyday. You are likely to have to get needles at numerous intervals during pregnancy and after pregnancy so it is a good idea to just think of what the unpleasant needles are gearing you towards – holding a baby in your arms. If you don’t have the test and you have gestational diabetes it is likely your baby will get even bigger and a higher risk of having to have a cesearean as well as your baby having problems with sugar levels when they are born extending your stay in hospital. It can also cause preclampsia and other illnesses as you progress further. So I would say yes it is vital for yours and your babies safety and health. It is not necessarily healthy food alone that controls diabetes as it is associated with starch levels and their breakdown – things like potatoes and pasta can be bad in large doses so you need to know if you have it to see a diabetic nutritionist to advise you of suitable foods.

  • Hi glad all went well for you and you got the all clear, but im thinking that because your baby is so large they will want to recheck you.
    I think it has something to do with all the levels and the progress of the baby thats why its done at 28 weeks i think if you did it once then you should be ok to have it done again, i know i wouldnt want to risk the health of my baby.
    Good luck.

  • Just an update, I had the test & all is fine. I do not have gestational diabetes.
    They said because I got the test done at 23 weeks that I may have to get it done again at 28 weeks, is this right? Another doctor told me that I won’t have to… I’m confused now.

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