I have put on about 30kg and really need to lose the weight and get motivated. Any ideas my baby is 7 weeks old.

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  • As someone who has had weight struggles my whole life I don’t think it’s as easy as eat less, exercise more. I’ve been significantly underweight and obese.
    There may be underlying health issues you could discuss with your doctor and it may or may not find if there are issues outside of your control, and could help with a plan moving forward. Good luck on the journey!

  • I’ve found the easiest and most productive things are to cut down on portions; eat a piece of fruit or handful of nuts if you are feeling hungry in between meals; drink lots of water; and keep moving (a 20 minute brisk walk is good). You can then build up from there.

  • I’m struggling to lose weight too. All the best to you.

  • I went on a diet recently and it was basically all about eating healthy so I recomend a good healthy diet my child is four now but I’ve tried the keto diet it works

  • It is as simple as eating better and moving more. I use a Fitbit and find it is great motivation. I use the app MyFitnessPal to log my food which helps me make better choices by checking the food before eating. Make meals using whole foods. The less processed food you consume, the easier it is. I have lost 12.7kgs in 8 weeks and feel great. My family love the meals I am making too.

  • Amen to that! My baby is 25 this month and I’ve never managed to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. Good luck

  • Eat more, eat less. Eat more often, every two and half to three hours. Eat less quantity. Main meals served on a bread and butter plate, have no more than 30g (size of a small apple) for a snack. Coffee with milk and sugar counts as a snack on its own (no extra food intake required). I did this and lost 25kgs in under 6 months. Be conscious of what you are eating though. No junk foods, soft drinks, etc. If you want help with this, please let me know and I have simple plans made out that I can forward to you. I know how hard it is, especially with young babies.

  • Hi, as your baby is 7 weeks old you may still be feeling exhausted from getting used to the newborn cycle. Don’t beat yourself up too much, try go for a few walks when you can but the main thing is what we put in our mouths. Try swapping food for healthier options.
    I fell into a very depressive state after gaining so much weight and the doctor prescribed me duromine which helped me lose 5kgs in a month but it is very expensive!
    Stay positive and make little changes, be active when you can and rest when you need!!
    One day at a time. :)

  • The healthy mummy smoothies and program is amazing for new mums.

  • My suggestion with you baby still so young is to just move as much as possible – even little things like walking around the garden a couple of times a day will get you moving and motivated (hopefully) to increase your activity.

  • Get a fitbit! Seeing how few steps a day I was doing really was the first thing to motivate me and get me off my bum

  • Try to cut out most processed foods and sugars. Gentle and regular exercise -walking – helps maintain good momentum and circulation, thus helping general overall well being.

  • Have you considered a low fat no oil wholefood plant based diet, many people have lost weight and you can read all the inspirational stories and advice on this website; forksoverknives.com
    Cutting out processed food is the first thing you need to do and eat real food. Then cut out dairy. Eat more fruit and veg. Start slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed. One step at a time. Buy a baby carrier and carry bub on walks around the block and then go longer when you feel fitter. Drink a lot of water and stay off the packaged drinks of any kind. Good luck. Believe in yourself.

  • If you’re breastfeeding it helps you shed the weight fast otherwise go for walks with baby. Will give you both so,e fresh air :)

  • try not to snack (can be hard if you are at home all day). and dont keep unhealthy snacks in the house or you will only eat them. so if you feel hungry you will have a piece of fruit instead.

  • I’m currently trying the 16/8 diet. I only eat between the hours of 10am and 6pm, then fast for the other 16. It’s meant to reduce cholesterol fix up sugar levels, reduce blood pressure as well as weight loss. Of course you still need to eat healthy. I’ve also seen the 18/6 diet which produces similar outcomes

  • Try not to stress and out and put yourself under pressure
    Increase your excersise and make healthy food choices
    Forgive yourself if you lapse a little and be happy ! Good luck

  • I find making up healthy recipes a good form exercise too – walking around the markets and buying fresh food and then preparing the food.

  • Walking daily is what l enjoy and also making your meal sizes smaller,best of luck!

  • Maybe do some gentle exercise like yoga and pilates, eat six small meals throughout the day, drink lots of water and to motivate you maybe go for a walk with a friend.

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