I am planning to buy a new car in the next few weeks, but I don’t know how to go about getting a car loan. I guess I need advice for where to look, who to talk to, and how to manage repayments. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to enjoy my new purchase without having to stress to much.

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  • Apply online with your bank. Find out what their percentage rate is and then compare that to the car dealer’s finance available. Choose the best one. Good luck.

  • most reputable car yards will have a finance officer on site who will act as a broker for you in getting the best deal on a loan. we did this and haven’t had a problem with ours. other than that shop around yourself, look for the best deal and always read the fine print.

  • I got a personal loan through the bank i bank with, although it is a higher interest rate its a variable loan, so i could choose to pay it over 3,5 or 7 years. and then you have a set payment each fortnight, but because it is a variable loan i can pay extra when i am able too. and if you have payed it off before the date it is meant to have, i dont get charged any extra. i find this one the best option for me. but you can also get care loans through the car place you’re buying the car from. the interest rate is lower, but i am unsure of the agreement of the contracts. I gues the best option is to call a couple of places and get a quote on what you are looking in too.

  • also don’t go crazy trying to get a huge loan. i know that this is exciting but remember to keep your head on. try to bargain with the dealership, to get the best price and BE PREPARED TO WALK AWAY AND TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE! also go into the dealership looking like money and that will help you. keep your eye out for advertising in the gumtree or ebay

  • Do all your research on loan who has the best interest rates than go from there so many banks can do over the phone or net applications these days

  • You need to approach the various banks or your own to see what is being offered in terms of loan amount, interest rates, fees and term. You can also obtain finance from car dealerships but I think the banks offer a more competitive rate.

  • You need to look around at whos offering the best interest rate as a lot of the time the banks can do a better rate than the car places.

  • I was about to ask the same question, I will just follow this post instead. Thank you

  • The best thing to actually do is RESEARCH your options and what you believe you can afford before you do anything.
    Once you know what you want then you can approach your bank to discuss your options and then you can start the process.
    There are many companies out their that have people you can talk to about what you need and there is then no pressure on you when you are ready to buy.
    Dealerships have Financial Accountants that you can talk with before you purchase but I think the approach is always better if you do your research before you go to a dealership so you don’t get pressured into something you don’t want.
    Hope this helps you making your decision.

  • I find that a bank is the best option. the finance deals the car dealers do can be quite hefty, though some may be good. I would have a look at all options but do not sign anything until you are 100% sure! We bought a new car and went through our bank, they were straight with us and told us what we can and cant afford! The car places will sign you up for anything if you let them, whether you can afford it or not!

  • I suggest you go to your local bank and find out what they can offer, ask as many questions as possible before agreeing or signing any legal paperwork. Also, there’s finance brokers that can also help, but you should get everything on paper, compare the pros & cons of going through the different options. Don’t let anyone push you into signing anything.

  • i recently went through a company called APPROVED CAR LOANS.COM.AU to apply for a car loan, the staff there were very professional and helpful. I would recommend giving them a ring

  • Often car dealers have there own financial planner so talk to them and the will advise you of the best options

  • don’t get pressured into buying the car that they think you should have because it’s usually the one that has been there the longest time and needs to go but they don’t tell you so you won’t ask for a discount. they will try to sell you the test drive car again with no discount

    haggle and have control to walk if they don’t make you a good offer

  • I’d start with the bank manager of whatever financial institution you bank with, that person will be a wealth of information to you.

  • May I suggest that you do not do anything until you ask your financial institution, be it a bank or credit union or seek one who will give the best deal to suit your income. If you get a small personal loan from your financial institution for the total cost of the purchase of your car registration and insurance. You may find that they have insurance cover that can be deducted from your account for repayments. I suggest you take out an inexpensive income insurance on your loan as well so if for any reason you are unable to work this insurance will meet your repayments. If for instance you are no longer able to work at all, the loan will be paid out by this insurance. As for registration and servicing and maintenance costs, have a linked account that your bank or you can transfer funds into each pay to meet these costs when they arise. I also suggest you don’t buy a new car.. search around for an almost new car that has low kms/miles and has been cared for, it will save you a lot. I bought a car from Gumtree that was two years old and only had 5,000kms. It had belonged to an elderly lady and she was no longer able to drive . It was a great buy for me.

    Also if you buy a used car, before 30 days after purchase, take it to the Department of Transport for a mechanical and safety inspection, this is money well spent and if they find that there are problems they make the seller pay for the corrections. You will be surprised at how many Roadworthy Certificates are given and aught not to be. Be patient and research well.
    Best Wishes and safe motoring.

  • Congratulations on getting a new car! Very exciting…. The bank you are currently with should have a free financial planning service and they can check ur usual so endings and trends and let you know repayments and what they think you can afford without changing your current lifestyle… You can easily google car loans to compare rates and fees: you don’t have to take a loan out with ur regular bank but for me personally I find it easier having everything together so higher I log in I see exactly where I at in an instant…. Financing thru the dealerships tends to be a lot more expensive in the long run ….

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