I’ve been trying to change a lot in my life at the moment like eating healthy and exercising and I’ve been quite happy about it but when getting around lunch time I’ve been very snappy and grumpy and I need to change how I’m feeling for my kiddos.

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  • I drink coffee because it tends to keep me calm.

  • I drink flavoured tea. A nice fruit flavoured sweet kick usually works a treat. Good luck with your health journey!

  • If your snappy by lunch time you may not be eating enough in the morning or over doing exercise to the point you’re exhausted then becoming moody. It could be many things. I go to the gym most mornings, i find that helps me and twice a week go for a long walk….alone to help with stress.

  • I joined a gym, it helped a great deal

  • Agree with the posts about exercise – take some time for yourself if you can and do something energetic to promote healthy and happy endorphins

  • Join the gym. You need to do something for you. If will keep you fit and healthy, remove unwanted weight, provide endorphins, clear your head etc.. Some gyms have a creche.

  • One hour a day for yourself makes all the difference. Whether you take it in one go or split it throughout the day

  • Take time out for yourself and do something that you enjoy just for you!

  • Go for a walk or to the park or shopping you’ll feel better

  • It could be related to your diet. Maybe you could be interested in reading about the GL concept (glycaemic load) to try to eat food that stabilizes your blood sugar levels during the day. Here something to start with https://www.myvmc.com/lifestyles/glycaemic-load-gl/

  • if your bumming out before lunch and feeling the hangry shehulk immerge then simply have food a tad earlier, or have a handful of nuts.

  • You say you’ve been watching what you eat, are you careful to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs? Sometimes when our nutrition is lacking, our bodies get tired, hence the snappiness

  • I sometimes get cranky around lunchtime too, I love to have a cuppa after lunch, And take 5 minutes to unwind.

  • Eating healthy nutritious foods and exercise is a great start !
    It can take a while for your body to get rid of all the toxins.
    When your grumpiness at lunchtime is food related, eat something that relieves quick energy (like fruit) and something that relieves slower energy. But when your grumpiness is caused by tiredness, try to have a nap.
    In order to give love and care to your children, you first have to love and care for yourself:
    * make sure you have enough sleep,
    * eat healthy,
    * exercise,
    * shower/bath/body care
    * take time to catch up with friends and hub
    * right balance between work / useful things and time to relax,
    * time for hobbies, meditation, yoga.
    * find support when needed (counseling, psychologist)

  • you sound to be tring to do too much in morning and tiring yourself out. I can write it as hen your age tried to do what I thought was right thing, trying to be zzzzzzz’perfect’ would do it all different if I knew it when young. Enjoy your kids and be easy on yourself. You can give yourself treats too you know! all the best in your journey kids grow so quick all they ant is your love and laughter, big dose everyday

  • Yoga! Or if I can’t get to a yoga class, I do a 20 minute workout in my living room to a Tiff Hall guided online video. Its sometimes hard to get motivated but once I have done it, I am so happy! That and coffee, coffee makes me happy :)

  • Its ok to get grumpy sometimes. If you quit sugar, smoking, alcohol etc you can go through withdrawals, just give yourself some time. If you think you need extra help, see a GP or speak to a dietician/nutritionist.
    Maybe try and gave some time to yourself (if thats possible)

  • When you find the secret to this, please let me know (although its not just around lunch time). Sounds like you are doing all the right things – eating healthy and exercising. The other thing I would suggest is that you make sure you do something for you (for example painting, arts, a bath). I don’t think you can be happy if you don;t know who you are.

  • Eating nutritious wholefood will feed your brain, body and moods. It will help you cope with anything by giving you the nutrition and energy, but more importantly lift your moods. Avoid snacking on junk food which brings you down once your blood sugar drops. Try starting your day with a bowl of fruit, gives you quick energy and if you include banana will increase your serotonin levels.

  • To be honest with you, I still am a grumpy and tired mum by the time lunchtime rolls around.
    I have learnt to get up earlier then my children and just enjoy some alone time eg have a coffee, read a book something just for you.
    Then if your kids still sleep then during that time I did not do any housework just took time out for me.if they don’t sleep then I still send my 2children (9 and 6 yr old) to their room for an hour they can occupy themselves for that long it is good for them and good for you

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