Hi mums, I have alot of trouble with my sinus’s and believe I may have a sinus infection again. I can’t get into my Dr until tomorrow. Does anyone have any home remedies to relieve a sinus headache? I’m also 11 weeks pregnant. Thanks in advance.

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  • Saline solution and flush it through your nose. You can use a teapot and put your head upside down and pour into 1 nostril and it will come out the other nostril

  • When I had a sinus infection, the dr told me to go for a swim in the ocean and turn somersaults in the water. I can’t swim so I just mixed up a weak salt solution and snorted it up.

  • I will be following this with interest as my daughter and husband both get blocked, painful sinuses (not necessarily infected) and I have sinus pain today after swimming.

  • Go to a dr

  • salts of the earth looks interesting

  • My Dr recommended doing somersaults in the ocean. Apparently this causes salt water to flow through the sinus area which helps clean it out. If you can’t do that (I couldn’t) a saline nasal rinse from the chemist is the next best thing

  • I find head under a teatowell over a bowl of steam (maybe with a few drops of eucaplyptus oil) the best remedy. Always works for me, although too scary to do with kids dur to risk of burns. Get well soon!

  • some nasal spray or a hot shower with steam may help.

  • You could try a eucalyptus steam bowl? or maybe try to find a good 24hr chemist and have a chat to the pharmacist

  • horseradish garlic and c tablets are good and safe to take regularly

  • get some Fess from the chemist, plain or the one with eculyptus in it, or a medi sinus pot which has salt sachets with it and do it once a day with warm water, feels yuck but really clears the sinus out, lots of food with garlic, and ginger in it, garlic and horseraddish tabs are ok to take as well, panadol, lots of water and fresh juice, avoid dairy and milk at night, apart from all that nothing much else will help. You can have anitbiotic’s after your first trimester if it is really bad but best to avoid if possible. Try some accupressure, press your finger tips onto the sides of both nostrils just under your inner eyes,with finger tips gentle pressure for 20 – 30 seconds then all along the top of each eyebrow, ( this does actually help) or just even hot water inhalations. Hope it gets better , it’s horrible I get it so much and I hate it.

  • Panadol for pain relief. warm shower with steam or put your head over a bowl of steam. A bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. Fess nasal spray. Drink plenty of water and rest. good luck!

  • I second nasal irrigation – just make sure you use boiled water/distilled water or sterilised water. I use 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1/8 teaspoon of bicarb into my “neti pot”, fill with cooled boiled water.

  • Oh you poor thing, i just got rid of mine, i used vicks vapor rub with steaming hot water, i used that every 3-4 hrs, also did it thru the night with a bowl in the bed room, and Nasal spray.. hope that you are feeling better.

  • Eucalyptus in a bowl of hot water and cover your head with a tea towel and breath in the steam with out burning yourself

  • I think that Fess Nasal spray is very effective for sinus congestion. It is natural salt water and is very safe to use.

  • My doctor suggested that I use a good product called Panadol Sinus. Wow it really worked and now I keep it in my bag especially for the beginning of the season where I suffer a lot with sinus problems.

  • Oops I’m so sorry I didn’t have my glasses on and didn’t read the last part about pregnancy. Disregard the part about antihistamines and flixonase and beconase the steroidal nasal
    Sprays – I wouldn’t use them in pregnancy.

  • I’m glad you’re having fess nasal spray, as it’s saline and can be used as frequently for as long as you like, unlike the decongestant nasal sprays and tablets etc that must only be used very short term as in a few days as you can get rebound congestion. I suffer from sinus trouble, especially in the last few years and since I’ve moved to this area. I take an antihistamine daily and use nasal irrigations occasionally. Neilmed and other types take a bit of getting used to and different sachets can contain other ingredients besides just normal saline I’ve discovered. Sinus can be quite insidious an painful and cause terrible headaches etc. If you’re a chronic sufferer you could also try a nasal spray such as beconase or flixonase, which I know aren’t natural and are steroidal based, but a lot of people find relief from them as they bring down the inflammation and act locally to provide relief and prevention of these types of nasal conditions. It may be worthwhile asking the dr about a longer term solution, so you don’t have to go on antibiotics. I feel for you as I know and have been through the cycle myself. Sinus issues can be dreadful and hard to control and often take a bit of trial and error as to what is the most appropriate treatment method.

  • I haven’t heard of fess before.

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