She is on breast, formula & has been on solids for a few weeks now.

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  • She’s still very young. I don’t think mine slept through (consistently) till they were nearly a year old.

  • All babies are totally different. If you think she is waking up just for a comfort feed then I suggest maybe a baby bottle filled with water and everytime at that time she wakes just offer the bottled water and maybe she might realise if that is all I am going to get I won’t bother. It worked for one of my kids.

  • Probably once she’s gets closer to 10 months she is more likely to sleep through the night. Once she’s around that age she doesn’t need to wake for a feed.

  • Some kids just won’t. My second was 7years old before he slept through although he didn’t want anything, apart from not wanting to be asleep!! The others were fine after a proper dinner, a sooting bath and a quiet time in bed with a gentle story.

  • It’s tough but it does end!
    They are all different and some bubs naturally won’t sleep through till they are much older. My 3 were 9 months (by himself), 15 months (only after I decided to stop feeding through the night) and about 9 months (when she self weaned from the breast). Solids made no difference to my babies sleep and they kept waking for milk. If it is that they are used to waking for milk, you would need to make a decision about whether you are happy to keep feeding them at night or else you could try and get your partner to settle them without milk. That may take a few nights until bub learns that they no longer get milk when they wake at night.
    There are an enormous amount of approaches to settling babies at night and getting them to sleep through (or not expecting them to). Save our Sleep is a good one (but not a miracle cure) if you’re at your wit’s end but it can also help to look at this as a moment in time that will not last. The sleepless nights will end eventually.

  • I used save our sleep (tizzie hall book) but no method is perfect – well, fed, appropriately dressed babies still wake at different times.

  • My first daughter slept through the night from 3 months. My second one is 10 month currently and still wake few times at nights. It is hard as I work full time and not having proper sleep affect me. But I know she will sleep through the night when she is ready.

  • My youngest is 4 and I know with all 3 of my children, making sure they are warm enough made a real difference.

  • million dollar question. they are only little for a small time… says a mum of a 9 month old who frequently wakes..

  • We used Save our Sleep with our 3 kids and it worked beautifully.

  • id like to know too! im looking into the slep sence program

  • Each baby is different. 5mnths is still so young. I know its hard on you but not sleeping through at 5mnths is pretty normal.

  • My son didn’t sleep through till be was 5 months, my daughter didn’t sleep through till she was 2 months. Every baby is different. At 5 months, still expect a wake up. Even though kids sleep through there will always be a time of a horrid night. Remember teeth are starting to move around, even though they may not cut yet, they still move. And going through pregnancy with wisdom teeth coming through. I feel their pain. Also, change in diet can make bubs a bit out of whack. Know the tired cry from the “I’m bored come play with me” cry. My son had to be rocked till he nodded off. My daughter was the opposite. If I stay in her room and try and rock her, she’ll stay wide awake. Sometimes, you do have to call their bluff. Even now with our son being in a single bed, we still have nights where he just won’t go to sleep, he wants to stay up. It’s setting a rule and sticking to it. As harsh as that sounds. Good Luck.

  • yep i’ve heard the 6mth guideline (myth) but they will sleep when they are ready. mine were around 9mths for one child and 10mths for the other and 7wks for one. yes weeks! the doc said she was fine and now she’s 3 and healthy

  • All babies are different and they will sleep through in their own time :) my first didn’t sleep through until she was about 2 but my second has been sleeping through since he was about 10 or 12 weeks old (he is now nearly 17 weeks, guess I’m just lucky with him) although he did start waking again last week for a few days…

  • She will in her own time.

  • Following!!!
    My bub slept through from 2 weeks to 3 months. Then it all changed. 9 months now and still wakes up once a night for a feed!!!

  • I think with babies you have to try and get into a routine fairly quickly with them.
    You also have to remember that all babies are different and some just dont like sleeping for hours on end.

  • All so different. My boy used to sleep through. He hit four months and started waking every three hours for food. He is now six and a half months and occasionally sleeps for four or five hours at night. Just put it down to lots of development and growth. And remember, all bubs are so very different. Keeping a routine definitely helps bub and it helps you – you have a loose guideline of what to expect, but expect it to stray when you get comfy :-) little buggers!

  • Following…6 month old wakes every 2-3 hours after a 4 hour sleep…nightmare. exclusively breastfed and on solids twice a day.

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