I buy multigrain bread for the adults & usually something like Wonder White bread with hidden fibre for the kids. I ran out of white bread & made my toddler a toasted cheese sandwich (his favourite food at the moment) and he wouldn’t eat it. He point blankly refused & said he hated this bread. Even bribing him with chocolate didn’t work! Any tips on how to change his views?

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  • I do not like grain bread for sandwiches, and rarely like it at all, I just don’t like the crunchy buts in the softness. Perhaps you could try wholemeal? I’m fine with wholemeal.

  • I would try and introduce it slowly. Make a sandwich, have the grain bread on the bottom, your usual bread on top. Persist and one day, it’ll be picked up and eaten without the grain being noticed

  • I just never bought different bread for the kids and went straight into wholemeal and multigrain bread. Same for flour, I never bought white plain / self raising flour, but always wholemeal.
    I would just stop buying wonder white and maybe start with soft wholemeal and then step over on multigrain once he has accepted wholemeal for a while.

  • Don’t offer him an alternative. Just buy wholegrain bread for the whole family.

  • my kids loved it when they tried it as they could pick out all the seeds and eat it. i think they took well to it but usually if they say they don’t want it my reply is usually well there’s nothing else till its eaten

  • I would try hiding it. For example, make a sandwich with 2 white slices and sandwich a grain slice in between. O a white slice with a grain slice. It can be frustrating to get kids to set new things

  • Maybe you have to change it more gradually, from wonder white to wholemeal, from wholemeal to grainy. I never gave my kids wonder white, gave them wholemeal and grainy bread from the beginning. We never had a fuss about it and my kids love seeded breads, the darker the better.

  • I’d suggest giving him little bits at a time until he get use to it.

  • try soldiers, or eggy bread first, so they get used to the texture. even toasties are a great intro. good luck

  • How about wholemeal instead? The hard grains can be a bit unappealing to kids.

  • How about, just as a starter, make a sandwich with 1 slide of white bread and 1 slice of grain bread. That would introduce it a little at a time. Or start with wholemeal bread and work up,to grain bread

  • The grains in some breads are a lot harder than others. Bear in mind also that the grains can get stuck in their teeth. Perhaps buy one of the cheap ones in the beginning such as Coles Smart Buy Multigrain Bread as the grain in it is very soft and the bread doesn’t have as strong a taste as some do.

  • Kids can be funny with changes especially food grain bread does have a different texture may try whole meal than change to grain or try some grain wraps or maybe there’s a grain bread with smaller grains as the do vary

  • I can understand why your toddler won’t eat it, I don’t like grainy bread either and DD won’t eat it. Not sure how you can get someone to eat something they don’t like.

  • Some one already suggested,1 of each ,we just use grainy bread from. the start ,but whoemeal was a big helper .

  • Thankyou MoM’s for all your advice. I’ve thought about it & I think I’ll just persist with buying grainy bread & eventually he’ll eat it. Right? Fingers X’d for me!

  • good luck with that one! As long as he eats bread it doesn’t really matter, he will eat other food that is healthy so it will all balance out.

  • Time, with our youngest we did it small bit at a time, he loved is toaties cut up so I would make 1 grainy and 1 other and over time he got used to the bread

  • I think you just have to keep trying to give it to them or maybe just try wholemeal.

  • My 9 and 12 year old children still refuse to eat grainy bread so if anything works please let me know!

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