Is there a standard amount to put in a wedding wish well?

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  • I would usually put what covers the cost of the meal – depends on what type of event, formal, at home, reception.

  • I was always told as a basic minimum rule what you would spend for a nice dinner out per person

  • I always do $100 :)

  • someone once said to me that $50 is usually the minimum for a wedding gift – but I would give whatever you were comfortable giving. its anonymous so you don’t have to feel guilty

  • I think about $100 per head is a good gauge.

  • We usually give what we can afford. We try to make it about the same cost as per head for the wedding,

  • We give $200 per couple.

  • I hate wedding wishing wells. Why the hell should I pay for someone else’s wedding? I prefer to gift something personal.

  • I think the rule of thumb is that it should cover your plate… so if the wedding cost $100 a head then you should give $100.

  • Just put in what you can afford to give. I hate these wishing well gift things, some people can afford lots and some people less. I just put what I am comfortable giving and then forget about it. Don’t spend anymore time worrying or feeling you should have given more. You obviously got an invite because they want you there, don’t spoil it by second guessing your gift. You must have an idea of what you would spend on a present so just go with that. Hope you have a lovely time.

  • I think the normal is $100.

  • Usuallly $100 minimum per person these days

  • Depends on how close you are but we generally give $200 as a minimum but as someone who had a wishing well I was totally understanding when others gave less.

  • It really all depends on your budget and what u can afford to spend. My husband says $100 per person attending as that covers the cost of your meal (usually) but if $100 isn’t something you can afford, put in less.

  • Generally supposed to coever at least what they would have spent per head. Give what you can afford to, I aim for at least $100.

  • Only do what you can afford its not about the money its about celebrating there special day ????

  • 200$ in a card is fantastic these days

  • I try to cover the cost of what it would be to host me at the wedding, which is usually $70 a head but generously give between $100 to $200

  • I would post what you think that you can afford. People think that it should be roughly what the meal costs.

  • Thanks for all of the wishing well money tips – we have now settled on an amount for the wishing well! :)

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