How close in age were your children

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  • My first was4 months or so when I was pregnant with my 2nd. They differ 12months & 3 weeks. Just something that happened rather than it being a deliberate choice. We were happy with it though

  • I do t know if there really is a good age to wait until you have another it’s up to if your ready

  • Ok after we had our first hubby and I agreed that we wouldn’t try for any of them and if we were to get pregnant it was just our luck.. Fast forward 6 years we have just had our 7th! ( 5.5 yrs, 4 yrs, 3 yrs, 2yrs twins, 1 yr and a newborn) Starting to think we shouldn’t have made that promise to teacher other. lol… But wouldn’t change it for the world. Love them all. My eldest has just started school so little different now but before that it we have been pretty lucky just keep them on schedules and routines.

  • 19mths between son 1 and son 2,
    then a 3 year gap and then 19mths between son 3 and son 4!

  • My son is 5 and I have a 4 month old, I would have liked them closer together but I have preeclampsia with my first and we were scared of it happening again. But I like the fact that there is a big age gap as my son is old enough to understand a lot more about the baby and likes to get involved with his little sister

  • My children are 3 years and 2 months apart. I found it to be a good age gap between them as my eldest was toilet trained etc before the new baby came along. She also wanted to be a helper and would get things that I needed like wipes, nappy etc etc. She felt like she was a part of it all

  • My first child has just turned 5 this October and I had my second baby in July this year. So roughly 5 years apart.

  • my daughter was 14 months when i fell pregnant.
    she’s now 2.5 and my son is 9 months ! they adore each other so much. perfect age. it’s tough at the start but as they get older the smoother things go ;)

  • 9 years apart then another 3 years for my youngest. I have 3 girls all up. 18, 9 and soon to be 6.

  • Our son was 10 months old when we decided to try for another child. We were blessed to fall pregnant straight away, so there is a 20 month age gap between our kids. For me, this is perfect. They are close enough in age that I didn’t need to pack away all my baby stuff, and they should have similar interests when choosing family activities etc. They are also far enough apart in age that my son doesn’t require as much intense attention, and is happy to play by himself and keep himself busy.

  • I decided when he was 2 days old, but didn’t start trying for quite some time. We wound up with two years between kids.

  • I now have 4 adult daughters but my first was born in Jan 1988. second in October 1991, third Dec 1994 & the fourth in June 1996. There was roughly 3 1/2 yrs between each of the 1st 3 but as Drs wished to do a hysterectomy & I wanted another child there is only 18 months between the 2 youngest.

  • My 1st baby when I was 17 & the 6th one before I was 24. Not saying it’s been easy but my youngest is 14 now & I wouldn’t change life if I could.

  • Roughly 18 months apart between all four kids. Hard, busy work but for me totally worth it.

  • I have different age brackets between my children with the first three being about 19 months apart. then a 14 year differences with the last two another 10 years after that. The last three were surprises but welcomed ones. The age difference really depends on your life style and if you have any problems to deal with. Everyone is different. My second son wants a brother/sister for his daughter but his wife after nearly dying after giving birth to their daughter thirty two months ago is still scared to do so.

  • Three and a half years then had my son because it was a time I felt my daughter could settle and help me a bit . By that time she started preschool and she used to really love helping doing small things such as getting the drink bottle/ nappies until one day she said ‘ get it yourself mum !” . Well I was grateful while it lasted. My daughter is now 20 so time flies when your having fun .

  • I have 2 years 5 months between my two. I love the gap, for the most part they are the best of friends!

  • My daughter was 5 and just starting school when I fell pregnant with my son. It was a good age gap and still is it allowed me to focus my time on my new baby whilst spending quality time with my daughter after school. I know some people have their children really close together enabling them to still be youngish when their children have grown up. Each to their own I say.

  • Both of mine were 17 months apart. It’s hectic but at 3.5 and over 2 it’s getting easier lol

  • My first was 3 years old when I gave birth to my second, and my second will be 1 year & 10 months when my third arrives :)

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