I ask my son to put his clothes away for .50c pocket money. I was told that its not fair to ask him to do that by another mum. Is that a reasonable ask? What if any jobs do you get your kids to do?

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  • I have an 11yr old who struggles to put her wash in the wash basket or put clean clothing in the cupboard, even when I promise her a nice reward she doesn’t succeed !

  • Um you do you! I’ve never understood why people feel they need to judge other families and what works for them. Personally I think that’s a great thing to do. A five year old is more than capable of putting their own clothes away and its never too early to learn the value of money.

  • Why not fair ? They earlier you can teach them, the better !

  • Depends on your own child and situation and if it feels ok for you then it really isnt a big deal.

  • My 4 y/o helps to vac, wipe walls, make her bed, clean the table etc.
    I rarely have to ask her.
    She normally starts chipping in when she sees me start.
    We initially made a reward chart and if she did something we didnt ask her to do, then it was sticker time.
    Up to you how you decide to reward good behaviour.

  • I think it’s great!

  • ignore what other mums says if your asking your child to do something.. I actually trained my son when he was a toddler to learn to put his toys away in a basket…he was in prep when he made his bed perfectly no joke cos he was going on his first school excursion so he was excited.
    my now 10 year old makes his bed every morning, cleans everything off the floor, tidy his room a bit then he goes to school. my kids school does school banking so I put money in every week…regarding on pocket money, sometimes its a pain asking you child to make his bed and if he doesn’t then theres bribery over money. no matter what, families should help each other as a team. I used to give my kids pocket money about 3 years ago but it turned into an argument such as a bribery. so now I ask them to do some jobs which is not very much and they get money for their school banking every week. I’m not giving them money for school banking over jobs. its a separate thing. think about when it comes to holiday times, theres activities that you do that involves with money, your giving them pocket money as well as paying for activities. somewhere it has to stop along the lines. this is my thoughts and what I’m doing… we don’t want our children growing up becoming selfish. my son is a terrible saver, he spends soon as he gets money and it was lollies…so ive said if there is anything that hes saving up for, if nothing then it goes in the bank. we went to the gold coast this year, my kids withdrew $100 to spend what they wanted as I cant always buy everything they want…my son spent $80 out of $100 and he put $20 back.. my daughter spent $30 and put $70 back. my kids are 10 and 8. my daughter is a good saver whoot!

    again, good on you for teaching your son to put toys away or other jobs he learns to do cos one day when he gets older, we may not be there, he has already learnt because of you teaching him. as for the pocket money, its your choice.

  • I think children should do these things without requiring payment. The earlier we teach our children to be responsible, the easier it will be for them to accept that this is part of being a family.

  • My 5 year old earns $2 a week for making his bed, cleaning his room, feeding the animals and setting the table.

  • He is only 5, this is an incentive to get him started learning to put his own things away.
    I think its wonderful that your prepared to give him such a small amount that would seem like a lot to him.
    It could also be a beginning for a savings account when (if he hasn’t already) starts school.
    I think its great your encouraging him to work for his money rather than just giving it to him.
    Continue what you’re doing Mum, you’re doing a wonderful job.
    You know what is best for your child, don’t let anyone tell you different.

  • I wouldn’t give mine money so young but that’s a personal parenting opinion

  • Sounds like you basically offered a bribe. If you offer pocket money for regular jobs, that’s not so bad. But a 1 off payment for a job…..bribery! You’ll end up with the kids demanding money every time you want them to do something. Not good

  • Not at all, he should put his things away without reward, however if it works and it is an incentive to get him to do it in a timely fashion I do not see any problem with it at all, it is setting a precedence though so I would probably explain that there are other jobs that have to be done as well just for the privilege of living in the household, and that this is just an extra bonus,

  • I think it is never too early to teach them about hard work and discipline. It will teach them to learn they need to work for money and give them a head start to learning to save and earn money to buy things they want. My 5 year old daughter gets $5 a week if she completes her jobs. These jobs include get dressed, make her bed, brush her teeth, put dishes away, feed the fish, help tidy her room, and help clean up the house. She helped me to make up her chore list as she wanted to earn pocket money like her big brother and she loves the responsibility she has. Do what you feel is right for your child.

  • Also; a good way to teach working and saving.

  • It is appropriate and fair and gives him a sense of responsibility and a reward for doing a good job!

  • 5 kids – they don’t do much at all, however the 2 girls are great with their 2 younger siblings. This year I plan to get them putting clothes away, stacking the dishwasher, making beds and tidying rooms. For this ill give them $10 each a week.

  • I think it is good to start kids young to be responsible and respectful of their things, my son is 3 and we started giving him money to put into his money box when he was almost 2 when he would do little things around the house (clean up toys, help stack, unstack dishwasher, vacuum, pass coat hangers when I’m putting away his clothes, etc) all things he wants to do because we make it fun not a chore and most times now he actually picks up and puts away toys when he is finished. When his money box is full he loves taking it to the bank (we plan on putting it towards a car, house, study, etc when he is older) and he gets a lolly or small toy

  • teaching children responsibiltiy that is appropriate for their age

  • yes,the sooner the better,unfortunatley that’s how it is,learning and growing,with respect.

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