I’m looking at enrolling my son into a Private Christian School but I’m not sure whether it is worth the money. Can anyone please share their experiences with private schools particularly anyone who may have changed from private to public or vice versa. Thank you.

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  • What did you end up choosing ?

  • It depends on the area and l have heard positive from both!

  • Some government schools are better than others. If you can get your child into one of the good schools, then I would try it first.

  • My sister in laws daughter goes to an exclusive Girls catholic school ( considered private ) and her son went to public because she couldn’t afford to send both to private. What I found funny was that she is not happy with the school and complains about the policies. Her daughter has done very well academically which I think was the main reason she stayed. So the answer is do your research and see if your expectations meets what the school can provide and if it is affordable . Both my kids attend catholic school ( Govt sub ) and they’ve been happy .

  • What was your decision on schooling? Hope you came to an answer that works for you and your family.

  • Depends on how important religion is in your life. If it’s a priority, then I guess this school would be worth it

  • They are not worth the money you are basically paying for a public education.

  • Depends on the area and the schools, some public schools are better than the private ones, however in some areas the private schools are a safe haven from the public schools, it also depends on the child, my sister has recently taken her daughter out of a Christian private school and put her in a public school, she is doing a lot better and is coping better, results have improved, but this was the best for this child, my children all went to public schools but we are in an expensive area and the public schools reflect this, the teachers are all long term at the school, the facilities are great because the parents are involved in fundraising and working bees etc, some public schools do not have this and this is then reflected in the facilities. as I said, it depends on the schools and the child.

  • It really does depend on what you are looking for in an education. Any money spent on education is a good investment in a child’s future whether public or private.

  • find out the cost involved. when you balance it next to the education, you might get an idea it is worth it

  • well of course private will cost more. if you have a real fancy school, then uniforms will be expensive. most costs are exactly the same, but you wlil have to pay for a term or semester, depending on the school, and i had my child in one that would let you pay per week and it was $100 which is a lot but not so bad when you compare to other schools

  • I think it depends on your reasons for wanting to go to a private Christian school. My boys will be going to one because I am a Christian and I want them to learn about our faith at school.

  • I have friends that went to private schools & didn’t turn out any better than any of us that went to public schools

  • Honestly, this is all going to depend on what some of your religious views are and also what you see as value for money. I could write a massive response here but I won’t, I’m just going to say this: Having the funds to pay for education doesn’t mean you’re always going to get the best education, it just means you have more choices. Don’t be fooled into thinking paying high fees will give your child the best education, education comes in many different forms and some of the understated public schools have out performed some of the ‘elite’ schools in many different areas. As for the Christian schools, well I have experience there as well and if I had my time over…I’d run in the opposite direction.

  • YES! I went to a private school & I would highly recommend it if you have the money. However, it really depends – if your child is willing to learn, they will learn anywhere and if they’re going to rebel, I think they’ll do it anywhere.
    However, I think a private Christian school is a great way to go.

  • I always figured that some private schools were a waste of money but we moved our daughter to a private christian school when she was in grade 7 as she was being pulled in the public school. We applied for my son but having autism they weren’t able to accept him so they took our daughter. As it’s an R – 12 school it’s fantastic for any age and for the parents that can afford it I think go for it especially if you are looking for that good religious support too. Our school isn’t heavy on it as there are many children who don’t attend church etc and overall everyone is well mannered and is respectful which is always pleasant to see. For us it was the best move we could make because i didn’t want her at the same public high school with the kids from primary school. Also her grades have SHOT through the roof! C & D’s to A & B’s. Even in Maths and French. Brilliant. I think it also does depend on what school you go to as well.

  • My children started off in the private system but we decided to swap to the public system while they were in JP and put the money we saved in tuition toward sports, holidays etc. I was shocked when my kids were tested to see which classes they would go into to find out how far behind they were to kids of the same age at the public school.
    People say you’ll get a better job if you go to a private school, but I know plenty of unemployed people who have no intention of ever working with a private school education.

  • I think it depends on what you want beyond basic education. It’ll be worth it for some people but not others.

  • The curriculum is the same and the teachers were trained at the same place. But the Christian school also has to fit in religious education. Most private schools do have better facilities, amenities because they have more money.

  • it is because it givEs them a good christian foundation. its hard for a kid to reason out why you pray at home, why you go to church and then go to school where not all kids do it. remember too that when they go to school, they are there most of the time and learn a lot there. so if you want to instil christian values, you can trust teachers and other kids to do it too

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