I have been invited to join IRI shopper panel and wondered if anyone is also a member and if so is it worth my time joining?
Is it a good scheme or a waste of time?
Do you have to spend hours for little reward?
are the rewards worth it?
Do you have the hand held scanner or use your phone?
Thanks in advance for your honest feedback.

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  • I\’ve been a member of IRI shopper panel for about 14 years, and I love it! It\’s easy to scan, and a great way to double check you\’ve been charged the right price. Their are lots of bonus point options to get extra points, and the rewards are easy to get. Phones, gift cards, iPod shuffles, prepaid Visa cards- I\’ve gotten more out of this rewards system than any other I\’ve been in.

  • I joined my hubby to do it , but I’m the one doing the scanning. We already received our $20 and $25 card. Not much and you have to put your effort in. But it’s a nice gesture on their part to give away something for your extra effort. If you have a prepaid card and you’re not using it that much well use it for scanning. Every cent and dollar we can accumulate that’s a big help. More so IRI really pays and its REAL.

  • We have had it for a while. Only recently we have been able to use the points.
    First one was a cash card for $50.00.
    We had enough points for a microwave oven.
    Somtimes a pain sometimes not.
    Too bad they dont have tvs.

  • No do not join this for shopping rewards ! the app never works & you will spend more time trying to get the app working rather than scanning your products.. if u do sign up, ask for the handheld device, rather than use the App. the support people are great but their colleagues fail them with a substandard app and It equipment

  • Hi,
    I am a member of the IRI shopper panel & have been for many years.
    It does take a little extra time to scan your groceries once you get home but I scan them as I put them away.
    Over the years I have had many rewards & recently cashed my points in for $300 worth of Visa cards.
    I hope to be a member for many years to come, hope this helps


  • I’ve been a member of IRI for a couple of years now and find it well worth it. I use my mobile phone, just download the app and off you go, no need to worry about getting a scanner to have in the house. With the app and mobile phone, you can scan when travelling etc so easy.

    A recent software update had great changes for our scanning, now the scanning is so much quicker and more straight forward, submitted in no time at all.

    Well worth the points that you gain and can convert to vouchers etc. I am just about to cash out $100 which will come in very handy.

    More things have also been recently added, so the points will add up even quicker…..

  • I have been a member for a while and with the latest updates it is a lot faster and hardly takes any time at all. I find it worth my while as sometimes when things are a little tight with the budget, I have my points from IRI which I can convert to vouchers.

  • I have been doing this for well over a decade. It was a pain when I literally did every single thing but now I just do the weekly shopping on the handheld scanner. It slows you down a bit but not that much. I have had some good rewards over the years and have won one of the competitions. You get 300 points for a weekly shop and I currently get 500 bonus points a month for doing it every week. The hand held scanner can be a pain but I worry less about it now than when I started. If you can add a few minutes to your time once a week, then I think it is worth it.

  • I have been a panel member for about 12 months. I used to have a hand held scanner but now use my phone and it is much easier. I have found that the rewards are ok, however it was time consuming and annoying to scan with the handheld scanner so I didn’t use it as much – resulting in lower rewards.

  • hi yes i have been doing for 4 months using the mobile phone app. after 1 month scanning most things u buy i got the $20 and i got a movie pass using $15 and $5 jb hifi just helped me buy a new cd. i have 8900 points in that time. 6000 points get ypu gift cards or vouchers of $20 or $25 depends which one im saving for $50 one there are movie passes prepaid visa and a few stores like jb house myer and sanity ypu claim the credit and they email ypu. then u yse online or take instore and they scan barcode

  • I was a member but it got too time consuming for little reward. And after a while they really harassed me with emails and phone calls. I used the scan and go app – it reads barcodes well but it’s a pain going through every item and looking at the receipt for the price. I stopped after about 7 months. The time and effort wasn’t worth it and twice rewards cards I earnt were not delivered and no support when I contacted them.

  • I was a member. It was ok at first – I scanned hte items and got a couple of smallish vouchers. Then I found there was constant problems with them transferring the information and so they started to ring and harass me continuously. If you have the time to fiddle around with it, it can be good for a few vouchers but it can get very time consuming.

  • Attempted this a couple of years ago, unless it has vastly changed it was a pain in the backside scanning every single thing I purchased and the reward for effort ratio was quite low. Took me a long time to receive rewards, so stuck with it for only about 10 months. I too had issues with scanners not working and took 3 times to get one that functioned correctly more than 50% of the time (I think they’re reused, so it’s a mixed bag what u get).

  • If you do large weekly shops you will accrue more points. I only do small weekly shops as I live alone. I use the app to scan my purchases which is easy enough to do. The most difficult part is remembering to scan everything, but is I do it as I am unpacking the groceries it’s not a huge effort.
    Your rewards start at 6,985 for a $25 rebel or sussan gift card and 8,382 points for a $30 iTunes card. I’m really only interested in store/iTunes cards as my rewards. 15,348 points will get you a $50 Bunnings card.
    I hope this helps you. :)

  • i was and i hated it, no rewards points enough and a total hassle

  • From what I can tell it’s a total waste of time. The app is a pain in the you know what and although the scanner works you have to do everything singly and the app is so NOT user friendly.. if say don’t bother xxx

  • Have people found this program to have good rewards?

  • I’ve just signed up – will feedback on how it goes :-)

  • I had not heard of this & would have been interested in giving it a go but apparently they don’t want me after completing my details on their form. Another good one is Purkle (used to be called 9rewards) They send surveys & you can use points to buy vouchers for a variety of retailers like JB hifi & I have used those points for quite a few electrical purchases

  • Sounds like alot of work for little reward, i really enjoy pureprofile and manage to redeem $50 every 60 days.

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