Hi everyone, I am hoping to hear people’s experiences taking short flights (eg domestic) with baby. Did you hold them on your lap or book them a seat? I have a flight booked for when baby is approx 10 months old and I’m worried about whether having her on my lap is safe and if she will be ok with it. I’m not a good flyer anyway so I think that might be the main source of my worrying. I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks!

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  • I would say so, otherwise airlines wouldn’t approve to it. You could talk with the Airline company and discuss safest options

  • You’re usually given a seatbelt that attaches to your seatbelt, so I reckon the airlines have tested things out and deemed on your lap to be safest

  • On your lap Is probably safer then in there own seat where chances are they won’t stay out and you will end up putting them on your lap anyways

  • Airlines will try and ensure you have an empty seat next to you when travelling with small children. They give you a seatbelt. I think on your lap is the safest way to travel with baby

  • I’ve travelled with a baby. At 10 months, they’re better off on your lap and your usually supplied with a seatbelt that fits to yours. Quite often when travelling with a baby, the airlines will try and keep a seat next to you vacant so you have the extra room. It’s not always viable, but dies happen

  • At that age they are not allocated their own seat and being on your lap is the safest place for them! Maybe a good distraction for your flying nerves too keeping you focused on bub

  • bub will be safest on your lap

  • I have travelled quite a bit with my daughter when she was younger. I’m pretty sure we were flying a lot when she was only 12 months old. We spoke to the airline about it, and they said under 2, not to book a seat, as it would cost and for take off and landing, they had to be seat belted to me anyway. They stressed to keep the seat belt on during flight time unless we had to get up anyway. I never had any problems with her on my lap.

  • I wouldn’t do it. Lap babies essentially become your air bag in an accident (and I am talking about survivable accidents like runway accidents or severe turbulence). I always book a seat and take their car seat onboard if I fly with my baby.

  • I flew to England with my girls and both were 10-11 months at the time (different years) and both were great, I had the bassinet and the second flight of one I had her on my lap for over 10 hours, exhausting but do-able, If its only a short flight you can definitely do it and you may be lucky and find a spare seat around you, ask the stewards if theirs any spare adjoining seats, they are always happy to help.

  • i think short flihts should be ok….the baby can crawl ..lol

  • I flew with a 10month old on my lap it was fine. :) 2.2hr flight

  • I think most people do that. they like the belt around bub too

  • Maybe check the rules and regulations according to airlines.

  • At 10 months old you’ll be fine with baby on your lap. I started paying for my kids seats from about 14 months because it gets too uncomfortable & they can then have a sleep. My worst flight was with my 2 month old twins and their 16 month old brother – I can safely say that was not easy or enjoyable in the slightest !!

  • also i think you and bub will be fine

  • i had to take a 5 week old on a plane and a one year old. they are put in a looped seat belt that goes through your belt (like a paper chain link) and you hold them for the whole flight. ask a flight attendant to double check their belt. take a drink for bub and give it to her on ascent and descent so she will drink and help her ears adjust to the air pressure

  • I’ll think you’ll be too focused on your baby to worry about being worried about flying. She’ll be safe & fine.

  • My daughter is 2.5 and we have been on about 6 return flights (longest was 4 hours). Qantas is great because they have the TV in the seats, but the kids are perfectly ok on your lap. Just don’t pack all of your treats/activities in a bag as once your in the seat its quite hard/annoying to get anything out! Make sure you are well organized and if you think you will need it have it in the seat pocket!

  • I flew for an hour with my 12 month old on my lap, no worries at all!!

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