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Just wondering if people’s partners ever have or still romance them? Also people who don’t does it bother you? I always wished I would get flowers occasionally and I used to ask and he would say now he can’t cos I asked. We got married and had kids and it stopped being something I thought about but now the kids are getting older and I think why don’t I ever get flowers. I’ve decided it will never happen with my partner so I’ve started buying them for myself. Not a huge problem but just think it would be nice to have some romance in my life

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  • My husband has never been a consistent flower buyer but shows romance in other ways. With a baby it’s hard to be as spontaneous as we used to be, but small gestures showing he thought of me goes a long way.

  • I feel this. Sometimes we get so comfortable with our partners that we forget the “little” things, that actually feel so much.

  • I have to admit my husband has never been a flowers or gift buyer but I do miss the romance we used to have. Even just the little kiss as he walked past me or telling me I looked nice.I do remind him every now and then but I have also started to say and do similar things to him – as a reminder

  • Maybe initiate? Buy him flowers. Bring him home his favourite snack. Wear his favourite colour. If he questions you, be honest. Tell him you miss the romance.

  • The romance is deinitely gone. It’s sad, but also hard as kids, work, life is just so busy. Any spare moments and we both just want to relax and have our own time. And ask they say relationships take effort, so it can be hard to make it work. Day to day it doesn’t bother us, but if we both stand back and look at it, yes it’s sad our relationship has drifed apart like this.

  • my now hubby, when we were dating would set dates up and organise flowers and all those fun things, and up until I had our first baby. now its super rare for him to do anything along those lines, but I also know, that he’s busy working and what not, and iot doesn’t really occur to him these days.

  • Sometimes having a chat about romance over a relaxed dinner can help. Communicating needs in a relaxed atmosphere can assist with getting messages across.

  • My husband of 20 + years has never really been a flowers type guy so its not something I have ever expected. I don’t think I’m very romantic either so I can’t expect him to be.

  • My husband and I have been together around 20 years. He used to bring me flowers every so often in the first few years, but romance has definitely dropped off since pregnancy. That’s fine and to be expected I think, especially after 20 years together. I don’t expect us to be actually like giddy 20-somethings anymore. My husband shows his love in other ways. He’s more of an acts of service type of guy, if you read the love languages. A little romance now and then would be nice though. Even if it was just a dinner out together that didn’t involve chicken nuggets and fighting with a child to eat!

  • My husband doesn’t ever buy me flowers (because I don’t like them), but he shows romance in a different way like surprising me with takeaway, or my favourite ice cream

  • My hubby and I have different love languages. We have to meet in the middle.

  • I think most men just don’t put romance high on their priority list.

  • I’m not a very romantic person. And flowers are expensive.

  • Hubby and I will be married 8 years this year.
    He always says he would like to do something for our anniversaries or to renew our vows etc but it doesn’t happen lol.
    I think we’re just so tired from having two kids and all the overtime he does at work I’m left to do a lot of the house stuff, look after the kids, drive them to their activities as well as go to work so all we ever want to do is have a long sleep.
    Maybe you could surprise him one night with a nice cooked meal and some alone time and he might think to do something nice back.

  • Mutual romance and we have been together since forever.

  • I’m married for 21 yrs and got flowers from my husband yesterday :)
    Maybe you could take initiatives yourself ? Leave notes in his lunch, make him a nice coffee or his favourite dinner, light a candle, suggest an evening out, send him a sweet text, etc

  • Maybe you could try romancing him and see how it goes. My husband doesn’t buy me flowers, I don’t like them. They set off my hayfever and they die! But I would like to be romanced, I can’t see it happening as it never did before. But now with four children I’d just like for my husband to stay awake after they go to bed, for us to have a real conversation or enjoy each other’s company, which we managed to do the other night (after his nap)

  • Together 3.5years
    He use to randomly get me flowers but not anymore :( hahah. I’m not to bothered

  • When it comes to romance, I don’t have a single bone in my body, think Liz Lemon from 30Rock, that’s me ???? but my hubby is very romantic but that might be because he is part Italian. But I think if he didn’t, it wouldn’t bother me that much.

  • Have you looked at love languages? Perhaps you like receiving gifts, but he thinks he is romantic as he uses physical touch.

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