Hi mums,
My daughter is 13 years old and I was wondering if she should start wearing makeup. I was thinking a light BB Cream is ok?

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  • its a personal preference and depends if your daughter actually wants to start experimenting with it.

  • It is so easy for us to say no, but then I had a daughter who had blemished skin and was so anxious, so I think if it is something to do with blemishes etc, then there isn’t a problem with it, but not just to fit in, let kids be kid

  • my daughter and step daughters all did at that age but only at home (they were too young to go out anywhere by themselves) My daughter is almost 16 now and wears it to parties or to school on photo day, she experiments with it at night but washes it off straight away usually. She can do her make up better than I ever could

  • My mum didn’t wear make up, I don’t wear make up and I discourage my daughter from wearing it. I think it’s unnecessary and not great for young skin

  • I think some light makeup for 13 year olds is fine but outside of school. There are plenty of light foundations and pale eyeshadow and mascara that look very natural.

  • I gather this was her request? How about taking her along to Myers, David Jones or some place where they do makeups and let them advise her. Teenagers listen better to strangers and she can learn what she needs and doesn’t need. This could be something you could enjoy together. love to all Lyn.

  • My daughter started getting interested in makeup at 13 at first i was worried she thought she needed it but the more questions I asked the more I learnt that she loved makeup.
    Her school doesn’t allow it for school , but she would wear on occasions. Now she is 16 she has a real talent and passion for makeup and i know it isnt about covering up it is her passion.

  • I think it is up to the individual and I have seen makeup on girls much younger when they dress up for fun or parties. I wasn’t interested in makeup till I was about 16 only because my skin was still sensitive then and didn’t want to risk any allergic reactions so just used moisturiser instead . It is also best to make sure that makeup is tested on her skin first as children’s skin is more sensitive than adults. Next she will want to use nail polish , wear jewerelly on and on….

  • If she wants to, I think a BB cream would be great. if she doesn’t want it, why push it, its a personal choice.
    also if she is wanting makeup let her do the whole shebang on special occasions it will give her practice for when she is older and wont have your help/guidance on the situation.

  • I have empathy with your daughter wanting to wear makeup if she is having skin problems with acne/pimples. Despite all of the marketing, most acne remedies simply do not work as the acne is due to hormonal changes, although some prescription products do seem to work. So it she is feeling self conscious about her appearance, I would support her in starting to wear makeup. A tinted moisturiser might be a simple start. Apart from that let her get creative with nailpolish and lipgloss, these don’t look too garish if applied by young girls.

  • I’d take her out to the shops and choose a foundation at least,and show her how to match and use it properly. Of your the one showing how to use certain products she won’t have to turn to her friends or go behind your back

  • Yes l think a bb cream would be perfect for that age as all the school girls do wear make-up and it depends if her friends are as well as to not feel left out.

  • If she has asked I’d say yes a light foundation and help her to apply it. Perhaps a little blusher but keep it to a very natural look. Usually if you say no they will do the opposite. If she hasn’t asked let her skin breath a bit longer as at thirteen she has plenty of time for make up.

  • I don’t think so, but prohibiting it entirely will surely make her want to wear it more!! so be careful!!. (and if you wear it then it might be hard to prohibit her since you are sort of setting her an example). I think she needs to think about why she wants to wear it….and perhaps help her to make sure she feels good about herself (and isn’t turning to this prop to do it for her); also help her to think about how it will impact her financially and timewise; and whether she is really going to attract the ‘right kind’ of attention…. (in my experience boys/men who find make up is important generally aren’t the sort to stick with you as you get old and ugly!)… and also the skin issues already mentioned. So many products are harmful, allow the UV to damage skin and are basically toxins that the body absorbs…. personally don’t touch the stuff and neither do the daughters.

  • I assume she’s asked if she can? If she’s going to wear any, I’d say a BB cream would ok, as well as maybe a tinted lip balm, as long as she cleanses her skin well at the end of the day. You don’t want to aggravate hormonal skin if she’s beginning to get acne (from someone who has always had hormonal, acne-prone skin). It can’t hurt to teach her good skin hygiene at the same time and find a gentle skin cleanser. Maybelline tends to make good products for younger skin, including tinting lip balms and a BB cream.

  • I am a little confused here…has she asked to wear makeup?
    My view would be to make sure she cleans her face well and if indeed she is pushing for makeup then maybe a light BB cream and a good nourishing lip gloss.
    Wishing you both all the best.

  • My daughter is 14, almost 15, and I wouldn’t let her wear make up. Luckily she never asks for it, and her group of friends are like her.

  • I agree – maybe a light BB cream or lip gloss, but Id try to keep it to tat for a couple more years.

  • in my opinion i wouldnt. i have a daughter who is not yet 13, shes 8. she takes my sorbilene (forgot spelling) cream from the bump bottle that i use for my face. I dont wear make up and im 34yrs old.
    but i guess BB cream is okay. remember once they get older, they will or mite be using makeup. we want to keep our face clean before starting to put nasties on our faces. just remind your daughter to wash her face every day and not block any pores that can create some fun business on your face that we dont want. i had to wear makeup for my wedding, it was not what i wanted as it made me look un-natural. i had to keep reminding the makeup lady that i want my face as natural as possible.

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