I’m getting different answers from health professionals, so when and how did you introduce nuts into your babies diet? Thanks

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  • I started with peanut butter – once they are eating solids (providing there are no alergies in immediate family, but just keep a close eye to ensure no reaction)

  • Whole nuts when they are chewing properly as they are a choking hazard. Nut spreads 2ithin 1st yr preferably while they are still being breastfed (if they were)

  • My kids first experience of nuts was peanut butter on toast at approx 18 months. Other nuts are best avoided until the child is proficient at chewing and swallowing, for choking purposes

  • I make my own nut butters so would spread a bit of this on rice cakes or bread from about 7 months. We don’t have any nut allergies so I wasn’t too worried, but if you or your husband do, maybe hold off a bit. If you’re particularly worried, make sure you offer the first time at home where you can make quick actions of necessary.

  • There is a good guideline on the Australasian Society for Clinical Allergy and Immunology website (ASCIA) re introducing allergenic foods, check it out

  • You caN put some peanut Paste on their cheek to find out if they are alergic. When young i give mine smoothy peanut paste with honey. They love it

  • My toddler is 25months so just over 2 and I still haven’t given him nuts, however he has had products containing nuts. :) I have a 6 month old and the chn said to give him nuts already! I always thought it was from 2years old. Over ember tried peanut butter with them either,

  • I tried peanut butter but about the age thing whenever you think they are ready as an allergy will always be an allergy no matter how young or old they are

  • agree with CHANGEMYLANE. Introduce only a very small amount of peanut butter first, leaving nuts until they are much older.

  • about 3-4 years old, I’m so scared of choking so leave it until that age.

  • I introduce nuts to my daughter of the age of 2 and no reaction at all.She loves eating them too especially cashew nuts she loves

  • I wanted until my son was almost 2!

  • Personally I would wait until kids turn 1 and introduce one type of nuts at a time.

  • I started giving some to my daughter sometime after her first birthday

  • maybe from the age of 1, only a little bit to see any reactions

  • if you can slowly introduce things after 6 months ( obviously not whole nuts) but let the baby try peanut butter ( as I think this is the worst nut people are allergic too

  • I prefer to give it only after one year when the baby is able to chew it with out chalking.

  • I gave my kids and grandkids some peanut butter on toast for breakfast

  • I think from the age of one is ok, if you are worried about allergies when you go to the dr for 12 month needles take a small amount of peanut butter with you and give it to them in the waiting room, if they react you are in the right place to get help.

  • My understanding is that you need to be more careful with nuts if you have a history of allergies (including hay fever) in your family. That is, allergies of any kind, not just nut allergies. Leaving that issue aside, I think I introduced peanut butter at about a year old. The nuts themselves I left till much later, as they are a choking hazard for small children. I hope that helps!

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