Hubby and I always thought we would have 3 children, we just had our first child 4 months ago and my pregnancy was tough and complicated so I swore no more children. Since having her though I’m starting to think about having just one more so she will have a sibling. But then I think she will be fine as an only child. I would love your opinions, and or experiences. Thanks :)

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  • My husband and I said we wanted two but stopped at one and have never regretted our decision. Our child is happy. There are pros and cons to having siblings.

  • She would be fine as an only child. There are pros and cons for either. You just need to work out which pros and cons suit or don’t suit you

  • I like big families as I was only child until age 7 then mum and dad decided to have another 2. I have 4 kids myself and love watching them all play together and grow up together. I think it’s a personal decision but that’s my experience. Good luck and all the best!

  • I have always wanted 2 kids but seeing my friends, that were only children, has just cemented having 2 for me. I know some kids don’t mind being an only child but the ones I had experiences with didn’t like it at all.
    I guess its up to you and your husband but I say the more the merrier :) life will never be dull, that’s for sure hehe

  • Weigh up all the pros and cons; I understand only too well! tough and complicated pregnancies and difficult births! Knowing there is a baby at the end of it helps! It is a tough decision; take the time to reflect on it and you will make the decision that best suits you and your family. Good luck. :)

  • It’s up to you of course, however being an only child has many advantages ;-)

  • There is no answer, just go with it and it will work out!!

  • Every pregnancy is different so may not be anything like your first. We have two and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are best mates. It is a personal choice though with no right or wrong answers.

  • I always wanted two children now i have a 19 month old boy and im not sure i can have another, my pregnancy was awful i had horrible morning sickness that lasted all hours i spent awake, almost everything i ate i vomited within minutes, sometimes i couldnt even keep down water, i lost weight instead of gaining my pre pregnancy weight was 120 i weighed 105 in my last month of pregnancy, he was born 3 weeks early. Labor was obviously no doubt painful (i had a normal delivery) it went by pretty quick and there were no major complications, i just cant forget how miserable i felt while pregnant. Im not so confident i can do it again. :(

  • I think it’s something that you and your husband have to agree on.
    I never wanted any children and I’ve got 4 who I love dearly and wouldn’t change for the world.
    I don’t think you should have a second children just because you don’t want your daughter to be a only child I’m sure she would be fine but if you both really want another child for you then go for it.
    Sorry if that seems a bit harsh.

  • I think siblings is fantastic my 2 girl love each other to bits but its your body and u do what u feel is needed for you

  • It is your body so your decision and each pregnancy is different so you may not have the same complications and I like that my kids have siblings but a friend of mine stopped at 1 and she has regular play dates and goes to child care so I think it’s ok too.

  • Aww ashblonde that’s such a lovely thing to do for that little neighbour.

  • Having had problems myself with a miscarriage & complications in my pregnancies I felt blessed been able to have 3 healthy boys that grew up with live in playmates! Our neighbour had a only child & I regarded him as my 4th child as he was always at our home because he needed the company!

  • A couple of years ago I thought about a sibling for my little boy who is 8, but I was never 100% committed in my thoughts about it. I guess I could have had I have wanted to but I chose to just be content with my son and his more complicated needs sort of really influenced my decision to have no more children. I had an early birth and pregnancy complications, but I know every birth is different and that isn’t the reason I chose not to have another. I honestly think you know when you’re finished, it’s strange but it really is just a feeling of knowiness that comes over you. Whilst I used to get clucky around little babies, these days I still think they are adorable and want cuddles etc but I don’t get that same clucky feeling I used to. You and your hubby will eventually make the decision that is right for you. I involve my son in as many activities that involve being around other children as our schedule possibly allows for.

  • Just want to say every pregnancy is different, but the answer to have a second child lies with you and your partner unless there is serious health concerns then the specialist gets a word in.
    My wonderful children are 11 years apart. With my first (daughter) she was lonely and during the day I would take her to parks, Mc Donalds play area, playgroups (I had 2 a week) and would have friends over or visit friends places. I believe children interaction is very important. There were many times I would have longed to have had a sibling for her to play with. When my son was born she was like a second mum. They grow up to be loving and well rounded adults and are very close to one another today. So what ever you decide will be fine and remember that other children in their lives whether it be siblings or friends is very important. Good luck and best wishes to you all.

  • we have two children and one on the way my first two are 18 months are part and are best mates somtimes lol as soon as they are away from eachother they are always asking about where the other is x

  • depends health wise, a sibling is great to share good times with, however not everyone can have another baby due to circumstances. Make sure she is active in playgroup etc so she learns to mix, share and make friends. you will work it out.

  • Miss 3 is a singleton through circumstance and I have come to learn that no situation is perfect and that everybody, and child, is different. I choose to be grateful for what I have and appreciate her every day without wasting energy longing for more. Hope this helps :)

  • Even without a complicated pregnancy, after my first was born I swore – no more!!! Give yourself time to get over the first pregnancy/labour then make a decision. It took me many, many months before I would even consider further children. I believe that siblings are fantastic for learning a range of life lessons and for just ‘being there’ and my 3 kids reinforce that almost everyday. Gill

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