It’s been over a month now whereby my 3 yr old daughter has totally mastered doing a wee, but when it comes to doing a poo she refuses to either tell me or to even go and sit on the potty!

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  • It’s totally normal that toilet training for poo’s take longer then pee’s. Just give it time and applaud even for sitting on the toilet/potty without doing anything. Lean back and relax mumma, it’ll come in their own time.

  • We had such a hard time with this too!! Turned out to be because my son had gotten used to doing no 2s standing up and he HATED doing them sitting down. Just gotta keep at it. If it takes bribery the first couple of times then the world wont end no matter how much the experts advise against it. Celebrate the wins loudly. They will get there when they are ready.

  • All I can say is dont push. When they are ready they will go. I tried with my daughter to early and she freeked out so badly that she wouldnt go not even in her nappy got so constipated she didnt go for 7 days her stomach swelled so bad and the pain she was in was unbearable we had to take her to hospital and had to try so many products to make her be able to poo things like parachoc and other awful tasting products in the end we had to use suppositories every couple of days and give osmalax a couple times a day in her milk and check ups regulary. It took nearly and year and a half for her to be ok with it. She now goes to the toilet fine but it was the worst time for all of us.

  • I was dreading toilet training my twins there 3. My girl was great picked it up almost straight away only a couple of accidents. BUT my boy well every poo was in the jocks wouldn’t tell you nothing even when he had done it still wouldn’t tell you. So I did the whole well I’ll just throw them out. Reverse psychology that didn’t work so I decided to bribe with money. If you go to the toilet for poos you get a coin. Easiest way to get rid of 5 and 10 cent pieces. He loves it. The other idea is to put a ping pong in the toilet and tell her to try and sink it. Good luck

  • This is a tough one. Putting pressure on her can make this go backward rather than forward. Keep praising the wees and make her feel comfortable about asking for a nappy, she may have a genuine fear which is quite common. Letting her poo in her nappy then flushing the poo down the toilet will show her that’s where is belongs. Watching siblings is a good idea and weirdly enough I’ve heard of using their favourite toy to pretend to do it works too!

  • We put our 3 yr old on the toilet and read him a book. We sort of knew when he needed to go so sat him on the toilet. Make it fun, dance around and sing too. You may feel silly but it works. We did all this last month

  • As has already been said, it isn’t uncommon for them to be worried about pooing in the toilet. My almost 3yo is doing something similar. He will ask to have a nappy put on and gets really upset if he doesn’t have the nappy on when he needs to #2. We are being careful to not add pressure, have been encouraging him to watch his brother, sister and cousins go and have been reading lots of books about going to the toilet. It will happen when they are ready

  • Pretty much everything the MoMs member below has said. Definitely don’t make a big thing about it, that’s a big mistake

  • It could be she has a fear of letting her poo go in the potty. This is quite common. Just give her time, no pressure. What you can do at this time is after your child has done her poo in her nappy, put it in the potty and then flush it. You could also go to the toilet in front of your child (example) or if you have older children let them go to the toilet in front of your child. For the rest no pressure, expectations or negative comments towards her pooing in her nappy and praise her for weeing in the potty.

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