How do you cope with potty training while out and about, particularly with two toddlers? I can’t exactly do the dash to the nearest public toilet and leave one sitting there in the shopping trolley! Help!

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  • I tried to set aside a week where I didn’t have to go far it’s too hard otherwise!

  • Family rooms and disabled toilets are perfect, plenty of times I took my trolleys there. And yes, a potty in the car is handy and a broiler sheet in the car seat too.

  • They have parent rooms in some shopping centres where you can take the 2 kids and the trolley in. I’d suggest knowing where all the toilets are and keeping the shopping trips brief in the first few weeks

  • Take a potty in the car with you, it’s a life saver.

  • Even with one toddler I often had to leave a trolley full of food in the supermarket and run to the toilet. I found that constantly asking when we are passing a toilet or before getting in the car would only work sometimes, other times no matter how often I asked she would decide she need to go when we are on the freeway or in a long queue. Be patient and prepared for accidents, all parents have had them. Use any toilet that is available, most disabled toilets also allow baby changing/young children. Maybe try and take another adult with you for the first few times so if you do need to leave with one child you have someone responsible with the other child.
    Good luck.

  • you clearly have to take both in . While there get the other one to go to the toilet. put them both in the same cubicle with you

  • As the mother of a disabled child I certainly have no problem with mums using disabled toilets, mothers rooms are ideal but not always there when you need them!

  • Maybe stress to them that they go before you leave, then when you get the take them again to the toilet the just after you finish shopping,take them again.

  • I always made sure my son would go to the toilet before we left home. He would have the occasional accident when he was getting toilet trained, but it didn’t take long till there was no accidents. Good luck.

  • I feel your pain, I’ve been through this not with two but one and that was hard enough. I just always made sure she went to the toilet before she left and if we were in the middle of grocery shopping, the trolley got left there while we ducked off the toilet. So basically everything just got dropped for her. I know it’s hard but it will get better!! Hang in there.

  • Very tricky… if they need to go while driving, you can pull over and there is a potty that folds up with bags which is great and portable. Otherwise most kids rooms have room to fit a trolley too. Good luck, I am soon to do the same.

  • Yes 2 can be tricky lol my twins , one would refuse as I would make them go before we left home then again before I started shopping but one would always refuse so I just would go about what we had to do and hope he could hang on if he had to go

  • Behind a tree or pulling over on the side of the road is acceptable and most people will understand. I must say it is easier with boys. You will get through it.

  • I would use the disabled toilets if it was free, I do this with my toddler and my baby.

  • Thanks everyone! My biggest stress has been my sons utter refusal to go to the toilet before we do anything. He only likes to go when he feels the urge. Then I have maybe 60 seconds to get him there! Also, I was worried that putting a pull up on him was going to hold him back or confuse him. I’ve since tried that and he is still asking for the toilet :) had a big day out at the shops today… Accident free! Faith restored :)

  • I hate asking my daughter to go to a public toilet ever since we were waiting to use a Parents/Disabled toilet once in a plaza but when the door opened a bottle shop worker walked out of the room smoking!!! Yes he was smoking in a babies room. I went off & reported him to everyone I could think of.
    Anyway, now when we’re out & about she will usually wears a pull up just in case there isn’t a toilet available, otherwise if your in woolies or coles etc just leave your trolley at the front counter & take both of them with you. It may take you longer but if the shop your in has top quality customer service they will ask if you want your groceries put in the cold room until you get back. Just remember parent rooms are not just there for those with young babies, they are there to make those with kids life easier cos we all know we dread going up town with them.

  • Toilet before leaving home, toilet as soon as you get to the shops, before you leave the shops and when you get home again. There is no easy way to bypass kids urges to go to the loo, they are learning the signals. Your other option is to just stay home for two weeks and get it over and done with.

  • I agree with the other replies, take them to the toilet before you leave and if one needs to go when your out, use the parents room. You can generally get strollers or trollies into the cubical with you. Goodluck, it gets easier.

  • before you start your shopping take them both to the toilet and have a pull up on them while you go shopping as an accident can happen. Sometimes you can also take your trolley up to the desk and ask them to watch it while you take your belongings and both children to the toilet and you can always take your trolley into the rest room with you as I have seen many people doing this

  • Take them both to the toilet before you go out, make sure they have nappies or “pull-ups” on while you’re out, and before you grab a trolley at the store, take the kids to the public loo so that hopefully will minimize any need to go or accidents while you’re shopping. As I’m assuming that you don’t take them shopping every day of the week, or several times a day, the occasional “accident” while they’re out shouldn’t affect the overall success of their toilet-training.

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