My son has been bullied for the past 2 years. (Since he started.) Our last principle worked hard to stop it, since he got transferred the bulling has got worse. It is mostly from the older children. I have told the principal and she said that they are only babies, these children are 11 and 12 years old my son is 6. Do you think it is acceptable to let them off because of their age. And does anyone know what I can do to change what’s going on?

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  • Bullying is not acceptable at any age. 11 and 12 year olds are very aware of what they are doing. You just need to keep ringing the principal – make yourself annoying so that something is done. ANd failing that go over their head. You poor thing – i cant imagine how you are feeling. I hope things get better.

  • Absolutely not. Kids of any age shouldn’t get away with bullying. At 11 or 12, having the principal say its nothing is just telling them there are no consequences at all in life. I’d go above the principal’s head. They have clearly never experienced bullying.

  • No one of any age should get away with bullying. If there are no repercussions, why would it ever stop? The earlier they learn the better.

  • No definitely not acceptable. The school needs to step up and do something. 11-12 year olds aren’t babies, they should know better, and to pick on a little 6 year old is just disgusting

  • Bullying has a lifelong affect on confidence, self esteem, self worth and some even end in suicide, drug addiction etc. I would not tolerate it andnwould do anything/everything to stop it. One mum went to the board of education whenmi was at school due to bullying her daughter suffered

  • They are only children but bullying should not be tolerated. There needs to be consequences such as extra homework, detention, apology letter or missing out on fun activities – all to do with school. Also, a round table discussion of bullies, victim, all parents and principal can sometimes be effective

  • There is never any acceptable excuse for Bullying!!!!!!

  • Bullying is never acceptable. What about the age of your child? These children are older and should be setting an example. Bullying can have devastating impact on its victims.

  • No age should get away with Bullying! The older you are the more inexcusable it is.

  • your poor son. no bullying is ever acceptable. even from adults. I cant believe the principle said. that! id report her and maybe see a counsellor?

  • Definately not they should not get away with it, the principle should be punishing them by detention or other matters , a bully will stay a bully if they are not stopped if the principle won’t do anything about it try set up a meeting with the principle and the parents and children and find out what exactly is happening

  • I have boys that are 9 and 10 and they know that bullying is wrong so I dont think that they are too young to get in trouble, if they are made to face consequences for their actions then they will only get worse and start doing worse things eg vandalism etc because they will think that they can get away with it. I think that their parents should be doing something about it, I know I would because I dont condone bullying at all and I think its a cop out that the principal isnt doing anything, especially considering the age gap between your son and this bullies. I woukd approach the school again, maybe see deputy principal or behavioral teacher if the school has one, or even approach the parents and see if they are willing to do anything about it.

  • Bullying is unacceptable at any age. Have you spoken to your little ones teacher? And does your school have Adopt-A-Cop? If this isn’t stopped now, your child could suffer long term, and the bullies will continue to think that its ok, to treat others like this.

  • That is terrible and I feel for you and your family. I don’t think it is ever ok for anyone of any age to bully someone else and 11 and 12 year olds should know better. I would take it up with the education department if you are not getting any assistance from the school

  • No its never ok if the principal wants nothing to do with it go above them and call the department. Get your child to keep a diary of what was said/done and by who everyday.

  • Bullying is never ok at any age. It needs to be dealt with while the kids are young so that behavior doesn’t continue into teen years and beyond. If the principle isn’t dealing with it, ring the education department and find out what to do next.

  • Go straight to the Education Department in your state and of course the answer is no.

  • Bullying is never acceptable at any age. 11/12 year olds definitely should know right from wrong.
    The principals attitude in not professional and totally unacceptable.
    Make sure to put your concerns in written form (email, letter) so they have to respond in the same manner and you start a paper trail of proof of your efforts. Quote the schools bullying policy and also any local/state/federal laws that are relevant. Provide them with a time frame (say 7/14 days from the date of the letter) If an acceptable response and action plan is not offered by that date you will be contacting the Education Department and your local MP.
    Don’t forget to refer to the history of this matter and your attempts to resolve this with them.
    Good luck.

  • Take it to the school council if nothing is changing these kids are old enough to know better. If you felt ok with it I would also make contact with the parents of the bullies (to make sure they are aware)

  • Maybe ask to have the parents of the children bullying g your child brought in to find out why these kids pick on your kids

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