Just wanting to hear from mums with either a Bellini or Thermomix. What did you think of them? Are they worth the money, or do you still use your other appliances?

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  • I have had my Bellini for 2 years now and its still going strong i love it, i have now put my order in for the new Thermomix hoping to be here in the next 3 weeks yay :)
    The only reason i am upgrading is because i love that way of cooking and i really would love the extra things that the Thermomix give like the scales, reverse speed, receipes within the machine.
    I think if you have any doubt then start off with the Bellini and if you like it then save up for the Thermomix.

  • I think it depends really on your health requirements is: gluten free etc, and your usual cooking style. I personally don’t have either as I just don’t think they would suit my families eating habits – we are a meat and veg type family. On the flip side if I was every lucky enough to have a win in lotto my first purchase would be a thermomix as I love the concept of saving time and the ease of cleaning it, if I don’t win lotto I will have to rely on entering comps to win one. I have friends that use both the appliances you have asked about. No one has really complained or had any negativity about them apart from the obvious initial outlay of dollars. I guess keep going to demos and work out how one of these machines could fit into your cooking style before making a final decision

  • Thermomix all the way in this house, we would be lost without ours we tried the cheeper one but got stick of burnt food.

  • I couldn’t afford a Thermomix so bought a Bellini. Actually I had 3 of them. Each of them was returned to the store for a refund for the same reason: they burned food to the point where it was inedible on many occasions. The burn marks would not come off the bottom of the bowl although I had tried Bellini’s recommendations at the time to remove them & several other methods. When a burn mark appeared any food subsequently cooked in the Bellini also stuck to that spot & burned. Despite assurances from Bellini that they had fixed the problem & that the new models I was buying would not burn food, it continued to happen. I have heard other people say that they have had success with them, but after 3 machines that was not my experience. If you can afford a Thermomix buy one. If you can’t then go back to the old fashioned way – the Bellini is not worth the hassle.

  • I will also be anxiously following this post, been wondering the same thing myself. I don’t cook much, I’m not convinced that would change but the love the idea of making my own almond meal etc for cooking from scratch.

  • I have decided to get a Thermomix, I know I will get one eventually and when I do I’m sure I will love it as much as everyone else does so why not get it sooner rather than later. I don’t won’t to look back and say ” why didn’t I get one of these when the kids wee young ?” I’m excited…

  • Completely up to you, but I have two sisters in law with one, and I can’t see the money in them. Personally I don’t think they save much time, and your normal appliances can do the same job.

  • I have had my Bellini for nearly 2 years now and paid $269 while they were on sale and it just changed my whole outlook on food, i now cook so much from scratch which saves me money.
    I have just put my order in for one of the new Thermomixes due to arrive in the next 5-8 weeks and i cant wait.
    Yes $1989 is a lot of money but in the long run it also saves you time and money i would recommend starting off with a Bellini and if you can afford to and like that style of cooking then get the Thermomix.
    Also Just Electrical’s sell refurbished Bellinis called “magic cookers” i think thats the name for $99.
    They are online.

  • I am asking myself this same question at the moment, I don’t love cooking but will I if I spend the money? so hard to know.

  • Good morning,,,,,I purchased a Thermomix TM31 late July – since then I have made recipes from the Thermomix cookbook, from the Thermomix community recipe site and converted recipes from those I have collected over the years to Thermomix adaption – so easy – so quick – I can make a batch of scones, cake, muffins, soup & dinner in such a short time, from placing the soup ingredients in the Thermomix to serving it is no longer than 15 minutes, make dinner no longer than 20 minutes till plating up – I gave away my Bread maker, Kitchen Whiz and several other appliances, did keep my Kitchen Aid Mixer even though I have not used it since purchasing my Thermomix – the Thermomix saves time, money and cleaning it is a wonderful appliance to have in the kitchen and I thank my friend for introducing me to it.

  • Thermomix is a great idea if you were just starting out in your home and you have not bought many appliances. I love the concept. But I have been collecting appliances for 23 years now and if I added up all mine it would easily make $2-3,000. So long as their guarantee for parts etc is good, why not go for it. I believe if you are not a good cook this appliance makes short work of many dishes like puddings, sorbet and rice and potato mash and soups and even jelly and mousse. (Look up were recently customers were sold old stock and a new version is available so watch out for bargains with the older version stock run out.)

  • good question. i wonder if it’s worth it because it’s just so expensive. thermomix just announced a recall yesterday or the day before

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