I feel as though most of the time I can be a little stressed out and need some advice

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  • I have a very stressful life and for me the last couple of years have been simply about surviving. I take it one day at the time and regularly walk away to take a deep breath. I often have lack of sleep due to concerns and tension in neck & shoulders leading regularly to migraines. I got a back & neck massager for Xmas, it’s great ! I also like to get lost in a good book.

  • * deep breathing
    * one day at the time
    * mindful exercises
    * take time to relax & unwind
    * journal
    * spoil yourself on a massage, sauna or yoga

  • I stress out until i figure out a solution, today I was majorly stressing out about money so I sat down and wrote out all of the bills needing to be paid and will check the list off as we go, I can’t rest until I have things figured out, my brain never switches off

  • go outside if you can and if not do this wherever you are. Think of 5 things you can hear, see, smell and feel. I do this to focus my mind when I get really stressed or anxious and it calms me down

  • Get a diary and use it every day. When you find something is stressing you out just stop. Sit down (do a yoga pose if you know any) breathe in very slowly, hold your breath for 3 counts then breath out again slowly, do that 3 times. Then think about all the things in your life you have to be grateful for, even if it’s just life itself. Incorporate things into your life that calm you eg. get a diffuser and sprinkle in calming scents such as lavender, put on uplifting happy music, put on some scented hand cream. I always carry some mini scented creams in which help me.

  • I have just started meditation classes in which I used to laugh about when I saw people doing this. Well to my surprise I now take 10 minutes out of my day and meditate by the window in the light and I feel so relaxed,less stressed and revived.

  • I’m sorry you are feeling stressed. If it is to the point of affecting your everyday life, please see your GP to get some support.
    As others have said – being organised can really help. I find that once I have things written down it is so much easier to get them done. I spend a few minutes at the start of the week planning everything that I need to do on the next few days. I revisit my list after a few days to plan again.
    Make sure you are getting enough good sleep, vitamin B and that you are not low in iron.
    As a quick/instant fix for littler stresses, Bach’s Rescue Remedy is great. :)

  • Music is what helps our family, some relaxing background music when life gets a little chaotic.

  • Pure magnesium cream helps with stress and it’s natural try it

  • The ocean is super relaxing …just sitting and watching the waves roll in, the sound of the surf, the salty sea breeze, so if you live close or within a short drive that’s really great. If not a cd, dvd or even app on phone is relaxing. I also had an app on my phone that had different relaxing sounds and at night found one that was a mix of soothing sounds combined with rain on the roof was wonderfully relaxing and would help me sleep.

  • Take time out and go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

  • I recommend taking the quiz on the beyond blue website to rule out any depression or anxiety.

  • Somebody posted about organizing your day. I agree. Having planned what you want and what you have to do, you achieve a lot more. And you feel more in control. I think that stress comes out when you don’t feel in control, when you feel overwhelmed by what’s happening around you. I would set some goals, write them down, maybe make a checklist, and address one goal at the time. Daily you could use an agenda and fill in what to do in different time-slots. They could be as little as half an hour, or longer, what’s easier for you. And don’t forget to write down some time just for yourself. Where you could read, meditate, exercise, sleep… It’s an “appointment” that you can’t miss.

  • Address your stresses! By this I mean identify them and don’t be afraid to write a list ask for help. Set aside some you time (it’s hard I know) try simply being in the moment with breathing mindfulness exercises. Or stretch before you get going for the day, your body will love you for it.

  • Taking a little me time has improved my stress levels and overall energy. I’ve actually started going to the gym. I read and I do at least one thing by myself a week.

  • I always do 15mins of stretching before bed, stretching my hamstrings, my back, quads etc

  • I tend to do a yoga work out or go for a long walk when I’m feeling tge stress. It clears my head helps me to see things from a different perspective. Magnesium supplements are also meant to be a good help

  • Also; for anyone feeling stressed and needing support; contacting a GP is a good idea. Sometimes everyone needs a little help and support.

  • You need to work out what it is that is making you stressed. If you know what it is eliminate it if you can, if you can’t acknowledge it and try and do something that makes you relaxed. Whatever that looks like for you.

  • I make and take time every day to do the things I enjoy. I spend time enjoying my hobbies and having ‘me time’. Also; I am super organised and this helps with keeping stress levels low. There are plenty of tools for getting organised and for scheduling in down time.

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