We are going on holidays soon and our long flight is stressing me out! How can I keep her entertained the whole time? Or also tips to help her sleep during the flight?

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  • For starters, you will not keep a two year old seated for the entire eight hour flight, so stop expecting that

  • Colouring in books with pencils or crayons. Books to read. And nowadays we have the wonderful invention of the iPad with unlimited apps and games. Sleeping will be harder. Easier if they have a dummy or still use a bottle. Hard work travelling with littlies, I wish you all the best

  • I wouldn’t rely on the inflight entertainment… If you have your own ipad or tablet put some toddler friendly apps like bugs and buttons, some TV episodes like Micky mouse clubhouse etc. take a couple of new small toys wrapped in wrapping paper. That way they take time unwrapping & then playing. Take some play dough & paddle pop sticks, and plenty of snacks too. And check out pinterest, heaps of travel ideas on there. I had 3 children in 14 months, and have been flying with all 3 since the twins were 2 months old and their brother 16 months old. Just prepare for the worst & you’ll more than likely be pleasantly surprised that it’s nowhere near as bad as you think. Good luck

  • Take lots of snacks, movies and colour ins :)

  • The inflight entertainment will go a long way to entertaining your little one but I’d also recommend taking some books, colouring pencils or crayons and paper (your airline might provide an activity book).
    To help your little one sleep, be sure to take a favourite toy for them to snuggle with. If they take a dummy make sure to back spares (they’re hard to find when the lights are dimmed).
    You also don’t want to wait around for flight attendants to provide drinks and snacks so keep some favourite snacks on hand.
    Don’t stress. I reckon your little one will do splendidly.

  • I would think you would have inflight tvs and games which should help you out but if you have a ipod or ipad load some games before you go that dont need to be linked to the internet.
    I dont think there is much you can give them to sleep, im guessing its not a night flight either.
    Good luck hope all goes well

  • iphone or ipad games. lucky dip of notebook and crayons, barbie, my little pony with brush, dolly to dress and undress, hairbrush so she can brush your hair and hers, chalk and chalk board.
    interactive nursery rhymes like round and round the garden, pat a cake etc

  • Agree with the comments already left, but also look into buying or hiring a child aviation restraint – they’re fantastic. They hook onto the normal seatbelt and around the back of the seat to provide a harness type restraint. The approved version we researched at the time is called CARES (child aviation restraint system). Also ensure you pack complete changes of clothes in your hand luggage as we had vomit pre departure – not good.

  • on our long flight with our 2yo, I brought some small pressies and wrapped them up, and every hr or so I gave her another to open. We had crayons, colour books, snack foods, etc.

  • Do not try the tip where you dont allow them to sleep before hand with the thought that they will sleep on the flight as this is just asking for trouble.
    Books, colouring books, sticker books, etc
    Easy card games like snap with pictures…
    Do not give her toys that make noise and will disturb other passengers.
    As far as staying in the seat…its a good idea not to. Let her walk up and down the aisle of the plane..with you following her of course as it is good to move about to keep the blood circulating.
    With luck she will have her own tv screen and can watch a movie (depending on what airline)

  • Colouring books and if you have an iPad then maybe you can load a movie onto it and use the headphones that the plane provides as they just sit on the head and you don’t have to put anything in your baby’s ears?

  • If you can choose a flight time that covers time she’d normally be asleep (ie night time), that would help a lot as it increases the chances she’ll sleep. I know that’s not always possible, though. Choose something quiet so she doesn’t make other people crazy – books, coloring books, DVDs with headphones, are all good options.

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