When should I start to encourage my two year old daughter to start using a potty? This is my first and I need some help with toilet training… Thanks!

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  • Start offering her the option now, but don’t push it – she may not be ready for several months more (or even a year or so), but even having it around and talking about it now is laying good groundwork.

  • My son is 2 next month but im waiting for warmer months before starting.

  • When they start having dry nappies after a nap is a good indicator, it is different for everyone though. My daughter was toilet trained by 18m except at night but by 2yo no more nappies (hoping it will be as easy for my son now lol)

  • I would start with a childs seat that sits on your toilet. You can even get them with a little step ladder, they are just the right size for little ones and they don’t feel like they are going to fall in. I would just sit them on it and read a story and see if anything happens. Don’t make a big deal of accidents and read lots but work out what works best for you.

  • I always had the potty in my bathroom. everytime I went I would take my child with me and say time for the toilet. sit them on ehen u go. worked everytime for all for children. they soon learn and then come tell you when they have to go.best of luck

  • Ash :)

  • Now! My eldest was out of nappies at 2 years – blessed. Just try and try.

  • I trained my twin granddaughters at 2.8 while I had them for 5 weeks while there mum was in hospital with there little sister and we only had 2 night time accidents. Knickers in the day pull ups in the night for the first 2 weeks then just knickers. And cause they done so good I took them toy shopping and told them pick something each cause nana is so proud if you. Had both potties and kids toilet seat. That was may last year and now my son and daughter in law want me to do it with there youngest… Surprised myself cause I had all boys

  • I started with both of mine when they started walking, i would go to the toilet and take them too, i would ask them to “Help Mummy” go to the toilet, they on the potty me on the toilet, they created a game of seeing if they could beat mummy.
    I had to remember to go at least every hour and remember not to make a fuss if they had an accident. There is no right or wrong age, they will go when they are ready if you give them the opportunity. No child likes having a soggy mass between their legs and once they realise the toilet prevents this you have succeeded.

  • I don’t remember the age and I think that’s kinda irrelevant but my daughter started getting successful when I left her bare bottomed and put the potty in the family room where she could get to it quickly. If you think it’s time I would try now as long as your house isn’t too cold.

  • I used 3 day potty training method with son at 18 months. Definitely recommend it! Made life a lot easier ( and cheaper on nappies) he had it all down pay in about 2 weeks tops.

  • I purchased a potty and had it sitting there and just explained that it was for my daughter for whenever she wanted to start doing what bigger girls did and using the potty instead of nappies. She decided she wanted to use it straight away.

  • My little boy is 26 mths has been naked toilet trained since about January but when in undies he just can’t understand and goes in them we put him back in nappies and now I am going to try again with just undies no naked time any hints and tips to help out? Sorry for hijacking the post

  • It’s easier when it’s a but warmer where they can run around in undies and less clothing for them to manage while trying to go to the toilet. I tried starting both mine at 2 1/2 and the both kept wetting their pants so I popped nappies back on. I found starting a couple of months before they turn 3 they have more of an idea of when they need to go. Starting a little later I found both of them were fully toilet trained for both day and night within a week.

  • Summer time is the perfect time. I always talked to them about he potty since little. I took them to it and showed them how to use it. My son was potty trained by 16 months ( I just took off his diaper and put on shorts. In a week he was grossed out by he accidents and asked to use potty) my daughter by two. Just took her there everytime she said pee( about every five mins) till she got the hang of it.

  • The way I see it is introducing can start as early as possible, but expecting them to understand it, is a different story.
    I introduced my now 2.5 year son to toilet (we use the step seat) when he was around 18 months. He’s getting it now, but not fully trained yet. It’s a learning process for them. Just have to be patience. Introduce it as early as you can.

  • I also used the 3 day method ( pretty sure it’s called 3 day potty training on fb) it is a fabulous program but to prove how different all kids are, my eldest was 22 months and nailed it within 3 days but could never get through the night. Even now at 4 she still has trouble holding through the night. My youngest I started at 2.5 as she was not interested before then. The 3 day program took 2 weeks a total of 47 misses and got the toilet 3 times in that 2 weeks :-( but one day it just clicked and in the last year she has never wet the bed and barely ever wet pants. Be patient and gentle and don’t give up they will get it eventually :-) goodluck

  • I’d Wait until the weather warms up, but normally around 18 months to 2 you start. At night time I would cut out all drinks after 6.30 then toilet before bed, wake at 1 am (toilet) then as soon as they wake up. toilet training is best done once a child can talk or use sign language for toilet :)

  • Try it now and if she doesn’t get it, leave it a month and try again. There is no need for undue stress in this situation every child learns at their own time. My 3yr old started at 2, toilet trained for the day but nappies at night, and still won’t poo on the the toilet, but with gentle encouragement we will get there xxx

  • Now, just ask her when you need to

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