I am looking at getting a new washer, just wanting everyone’s opinions on top loaders vs front loaders. What do you have and why do you like or dislike about it?

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  • I would never get a front loader they’re good for a space saver but otherwise not for me.

  • I have owned both styles. Front loader definitely cleans better and is more efficient.

  • I’ve only ever owned a top loader and love that I can add washing to the load and it’s quick.

  • The advantage with top loader is clear…always being able to add wash during the cycle ! I had a top loader, but have a front loader now I find the wash more clean and they’re more effective with water and electric. I happy with my front loader now.

  • I habe a top loader only because usually half way through a wash I find another sick or two I can throw in .. With front loader I would be able to do that .. Also front loader take much longer to finish a cycle and I can’t wait around

  • I love my top loader.
    I can always add things I’ve forgotten, I don’t have to stress about the kids opening the lid or touching buttons & to be honest I’m always terrified a front loader may leak!
    I’ve had my LG digital top loader for over 4 years & never had a problem with it.

  • Top loader – easy to use, small children can’t get to buttons or climb in, can stop the cycle and add the extra sock that seems to always got awol and found later after the cycle has started
    Front loader – more efficient water and energy wise, takes less space as can have a dryer above it. Can crush your clothes and can’t open the door once the cycle has started

  • Generally front loaders tend to be more efficient, both with power and water. I’m happy with my front loader, but like with everything you will get what you pay for.

  • ive always had top. we have a f and p smart one, with not activator?

  • I do like my front loader as it uses much less water. But I am a scatter brain and always find something I forgot to add to my load – I can’t just chuck it in late like I could with the top loader!

  • I had my last Miele front loader for 17 years and am on year 2 of my replacement Miele machine. The new model has a quick wash option of 30 minutes and all other settings (apart from wool) can be set to a shorter wash of around 40 minutes. I load the machine, set the timer and get on with other things until it beeps to let me know the load has finished. I built my machine on a raised platform so that loading/unloading is easier too. Fingers crossed that I get another 15 years out of this machine too as that will be great value for money!

  • I have an LG 8 kg front loader. I’ve always had a front loader & when I’ve used a top loader I realized I preferred my front loader. It can go under counter so uses less space. And today’s machines have a 10 kg capacity. I’d choose a front loader again when I need to replace my existing machine.

  • I always had a top loader until I heard from my sister about front loaders. It depends on your space if you have the room to swing a door open or not and it also depends on how big your loads are.
    Front loaders are more energy & water efficient I have a one the only has a cold inlet so the machine heats the water instead of using hot water which is great my water bills are low.

  • Front loader is the best for me. I heard that if you want to wash very soiled clothes then top loader is good.

  • I’m very happy with my Miele Front Loader,have had it for about 3 years.It took a while to get used to though and it does have a 30 minute express cycle and also 40 minute short wash cycles.

  • I have a Miele Front loader and have had it for the past 6 years and its brilliant and lasts a long time, great on water saving and great in general, you can do large loads and its a cleaner machine than my other washing machines and my others only last 3 years and so far this has lasted twice as long and hopefully longer!

  • I have a top loader but have had a front loader in the past. I think the front loaders clean better but I didn’t like that I couldn’t put as much in. In saying that though there are bigger ones on the market today.

  • I have a 10kg Samsung washer / dryer and IT washes beautifully and is really water efficient.
    I wouldn’t say it’s any quieter than our old tiny top loader but I’m not sure if thats because we went up a few sizes.
    My only peeve with it is the gunk that builds up. We leave the door open so it can dry out but it (mouldy black goop) still persists. With a cat and a toddler leaving the door open isn’t always convenient or safe.
    If the gunk issue could be solved – it would be complete heaven. Even with it though – i don’t think I’d go back to a top loader.

  • Meile front loader. No problems. Last forever.

  • I have a top loader that doesn’t have a centre pole, so it’s really gentle on clothes. I can soak things in & add to it if I need to… And it’s got a great water rating. I can even fit doona in it for washing, which means no more trips to the dry cleaners, saving money!

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