I’ve been soaking our berries in 1 part vinegar 3 parts water to clean them and then drying and storing in a Sistema fresh container. But I don’t know if they are actually lasting any longer then storing in the punnets as they come from the grocery store..
Does anyone have any tricks to storing their fresh fruit and veg to make them last longer?

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  • We invested in those Sistema fresh food storage boxes with the holey tray inside to keep the fruit and veggies out of moisture and it works wonders. There are also lots of different sizes to choose from to cater to your needs.

  • Celery, broccoli and lettuce last longer if you wrap in aluminium foil and put in your fridge.

  • Kmart has some containers similar to the Tupperware, but much cheaper – I haven’t tried them yet, though.

  • If you place some foil around the hand of bananas (where they have been cut off the palm) that slows down the ripening process.

  • Those horribly expensive tupperware containers are actually pretty good at extending the life of produce.

  • Using glass containers lined with a paper towel seems to work for us.

  • I always store my berries in a glass container. They seem to last a lot longer then they do in regular plastic containers.

  • To start with, berries in general don’t have a long shelf life anyway, so just eat them asap. Other fruits and veg, there are bags you can buy to store them in that are meant to lengthen their fresh life span

  • Hmm… for me if I know they’re not going to be eaten up usually just chuck them in the freezer!
    I guess you can just google ways to keep them fresh?

  • I wash mine only when they will be consumed but with my kids any type of Berry doesn’t last long. But i love peoples idea’s with bananas my kids go though stages with banana one week we don’t get enough and the next we have too many and they go brown super quick.

  • I have read that if you place your strawberries in glass jars, they will keep for weeks. I wrap individual bananas in plastic wrap, stops the air getting to them, which helps keep them heaps longer, especially when out camping and only get to town every few weeks.

  • A lot of fruit, and some veggies produce their own protective coating to keep them fresh. Putting in the fridge can help them stay fresh for longer, but if you wash them first you are washing away their protection. My suggestion is to wash them as you go, before consuming.

  • I prefer to wash the fruits that absorb a lot of liquid on the last moment just before use

  • I can’t really offer any other suggestions. Immediately I thought soak the fruit and vegetables in some vinegar and water as that’s what I learnt to do, but other than that I don’t have any other helpful answers for you sorry.

  • I find berries do best when spread out on a plate in fridge, with lots of air circulating, especially if they are quite ripe when purchased. And make sure they aren’t bruised when bringing home. Lasting properties do seem related to the condition of the fruit upon purchase. I agree that keeping bananas in a separate bag away from apples helps them last (and I have them both in the fridge too). Kale is my goto vegetable that seems to last much longer than spinach for leafy greens. Even in the precut packs kale lasts better.

  • I am not too sure about berries as I usually keep them stored in their punnets. But for my bananas, I keep them in one of those plastic bags from the fruit and veg section and in the fridge. My bananas last ages that way. Also with avocados, once they start to ripen/slightly soften in the fruit bowl, I pop them in the fridge and they last ages.

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