Just wondering when kids milk teeth fall out and what the going rate is from the Tooth Fairy lol.

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  • Can start to fall out from the age of five. I think the going rate is five bucks according to the bluey cartoon

  • I remember when my son went to yr 2 he felt embarrassed he still didn’t lose any milk teeth ! He lost his first milk teeth when he was 8yr old.

  • From about the age of 5 I suppose, you want to start saving from the day they are born now. The tooth fairy leaves quite a few dollars these days

  • They usually start falling out in the 5-7 age range. I gave a gold coin for lost teeth. Kids loved them

  • 5-7 years most kids start to lose them

  • Usually around the 5, 6, 7 year old mark. And tooth fairy rate varies greatly. I only ever got silver coins as a child. My kids get gold coins. And the teeth are graded, some are worth more than others. Big ones are dearer and the first one is worth the most

  • Been wondering about this myself, and then yesterday my little girl (she will be turning 6 in November) told me that she got 2 wobbly teeth! She is all very shy about it :-). I know she think the tooth fairy will leave a gold coin. I will have to tell her Daddy, as daddy is the tooth fairy in our house!

  • my daughter has just turned 7 and has only lost 1 but her second is on the wobble!
    I start at 50c and then will do $1 for the big molars.

  • When they are ready; it does vary. A little pile of coins is nice; 20 cent pieces upwards.

  • A friend’s daughter started to lose hers about the time she started school or a bit later.
    Unfortunately some of her permanent teeth are coming through in the front of the baby ones – before the baby ones come out. She has had to have some extracted by the Dentist. At some point in the future she will have to have orthodontic treatment

  • Well I think it is normally 5-7 the first falls out, my girl lost her first when she just turned four, I was terrified but doctor said it was fine and some lose them earlier. For her first two I gave her $5 note each but then I realised I messed up as she lost her 3rd tooth just before bedtime and I only had like 30cents on me. I felt terrible but she didn’t think much of it luckily. I’d suggest just keeping it at $1 or so, what you know you will at least have on you if an unexpected tooth is lost

  • Between 5-7 years. A gold coin is plenty from the tooth fairy!

  • We gave our child $50 when he lost his first tooth but a gold coin is the going rate for us at the moment

  • I think it just depends on the child i have 4 kids and each lost their first tooth at different ages.
    1st was at 6 years, 2nd was at 7 years, 3rd was at 6 years and my 4th child is 4 and hes not lost any.
    The going rate i think is $5 for the first tooth then $2 there after.

  • My son is almost 6 and he has just lost his first milk tooth! Between the ages of 5-7 they will lose their first tooth

  • All kids vary in baby tooth lose, basically if their baby teeth come in earlier than the 6 month mark they will loose them earlier.

  • My son started getting baby teeth when he was 5 minths old. 2 months before his 7th birthday he lost his first tooth and 2 months after his birthday still waiting for the 2nd tooth to come out. No loose top teeth yet. The tooth fairy gave him $2.

  • My son refuses to leave his teeth out for the tooth fairy!

  • Usually by the time the kids are year 1 or 2. My kids get $2 a tooth. My husbands mate ony gives his kids 20cents. It is whatever you make of it i guess.

  • I have heard that teeth fall out in the order they arrived in! Has happened for all my kids! Each of my kids has their very own tooth fairy. She visits and leaves a teeny tiny note for them. They really love it. I only give a dollar each time. They have never questioned the amount, they know other kids get more, but they are more thrilled about the little note they get!

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