My son is 9 years old nearly 10 and he is begging me to get a mobile phone. I know many of his friends have phones that they mainly use to play games etc but also some have small phone packages to call home because of the lack of pay phones. I think that he is still too young for a phone but maybe I’m just old fashioned. Do you think this is too young for a phone? Does your child around this age or younger have a phone? What restrictions or options are there out there for a mobile phone for this age group?

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  • We gave the kids a mobile when they finished in Year 6 ( about 12 yrs old ) because we knew they were going to be independent in high school and it was for security reasons as well. It is so easy for kids to want everything now, new phone, clothes etc… . Technically they don’t need one if you are with them and driving them to and from places . Maybe a friend can give you an old phone they don’t want for your son . It is hard to say No isn’t it .

  • I suspect his friends have one hence his persistence in asking for one. My kids got theirs before starting high school only because they would had to travel on their own most of the time and in case they need to make call for emergencies. I don’t think it is wise to have it too early as they run the risk of losing an expensive item and if a parent is with them most of the time, there is no need to have one . it sounds like he maybe comparing with his friends and maybe just promise him one before high school and see how you go .

  • Pretty sure he just wants one cos everyone else has one. My kids were 11-12 when they got a mobile,mand it was just a basic one so they could text or call, that’s it. It was also pre paid so they had to do jobs for credit

  • My son got a phone at age 14 and only because being in high school and having to work on assignments with others with a need of going to their house. I do believe if he wasn’t doing assignments at other people places than he still wouldn’t have a phone. Unlucky for him but we only live a 5 minute walk from the school

  • In our house it is 13 or when tarting High school. master 11 is on at us to get him one and we are firm with a nope you are too young

  • 10 is probably about right – an extremely basic and limited one.

  • My son is 9 and I won’t be buying him a phone anytime soon

  • I think 13 is a reasonable age to have a mobile phone, none of mine have had them until they were this age, and i definitely wouldn’t give my 9 yr old a phone. :)

  • oh dear! I definitely agree with you and think its too young. I would think it would be more suitable when going to high school , but even then i’m a bit iffy. It would come in handy if your child was out and about without you – but at9/10, i doubt thats really something that would happen

  • We gave DD a mobile phone when she was 15, I guess it all depends on what activities your children do and how often they are out and about and you require communication from them.

  • I dont think any kid needs a mobile phone until they start going out with friends, they may need to ring to be picked up etc. I personally think 9 is too young. Kids don’t need all that stuff, we never had it. They usually only want one because their friends do

  • I have a daughter who is now 14yrs old and I brought her a phone last year for her 13th and she has been told that she must use her credit wisely and let it last for a month, my son who is 9yrs is asking for a phone and I won’t allow it until his 13yrs.

  • My daughter is almost 9 and constantly asks for a mobile phone. I won’t allow her to have one until she’s 13, though her cousin has had one since the age of 9. I’ve heard too many time of kids playing games on phones and not realising the cost of downloads or purchasing within the game. For me it’s not worth the risk.

  • No, you are definitely not old fashioned and 9 is definitely too young for a mobile phone. If it is only for the games then maybe suggest a tablet or iPad variety that has access to all apps and more that phones do. I just got my 14 year old his first mobile, purely because I now find sometimes he’ll be out with friends (at a pre-determined location) and needs to contact me in order to pick him up. Kids are growing up too fast as it is these days and if for the most part your 9 year old is with you, at home or at school then a mobile is not required…..yet.

  • My child is in Year 8 this year and she only got a basic mobile phone when she entered high school last year. The phone can only be used for basic communication with me and my husband, and emergency purposes. We give her very limited prepaid credits for this use. She has asked about a smartphone because all of us use one nowadays but we told her the basic mobile phone that she has been given is sufficient for her use for now. She was also told that if she wants a smartphone, she would have to buy and maintain one with her own money, i.e. she would have to have a job to earn money, right?

  • I think mobiles for kids is ok, but prepaid only, for emergencies. Not a plan that they abuse, but that’s just because i think a lot of kids these days don’t know how to do things in moderation.

  • Gee I feel old everyone is saying they received a phone at 13 or 15. I remember being I think an adult before I got my first phone that was a brick – the good old Sony Eriksson. I think high school is a good age and who knows what changes there will be to phones by then! My latest phone has fingerprint identification!

  • Everyone is different but when they head into high school is I think the time to get one

  • It may have changed but I got my first mobile when I started a job, so about 15 years old, but I suppose it has changed now.

  • My oldest is about to turn 12 and he says all the other kids have a phone. I do not believe he needs a phone at this age as he is always in an adult supervised environment – school, sport, parties, etc. I have told him he may get a phone once he starts at secondary school so he can use it for safety and also to be more a part of the crowd, which is important at that age. I am currently doing some research to determine whether we go with pre-paid or a post paid, other parents are split about this area and it seems based on whether their child is “responsible” enough. Hope this is useful. Gill

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