what are some good foods to have and to avoid when you have excema my son has it at the moment and we are trying everything to help his flare ups ! any comments love to hear feedback on this topic!

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  • A friend of mine avoided acidic foods, like tomatoes, onions, citrus fruits etc. But I think everyone is different and has different reactions to different foods. You need to find out what foods make your sons eczema worse and eliminate them

  • Eczema is caused by a reaction from something. The best way to work out what’s making it flare up is to get skin tests done and keep a record of what’s being eaten and when the flare ups are.
    Also try and avoid soaps that can dry the skin out

  • My second daughter seemed to have been born with eczema! By that I mean she developed it almost immediately after birth and it persisted throughout her life until she, herself as an adult, finally linked her consumption of sugar with the aggressiveness of the outbreaks. I realized when I was feeding her, that if I ate sugar then the eczema increased in severity, when I stopped then the eczema all but disappeared, so I began to exclude cane sugar from her diet. This was easy to do before she went to school however, when she began to socialize with others, their opinions that “she couldn’t possibly be allergic to cane sugar!” caused her to suffer terrible eczema. Nothing I said changed the opinion of others that I was being ridiculous, even though it was obvious to me that my daughter ingesting products containing cane sugar was causing the eczema, as when she didn’t eat them her eczema began to heal.
    Later as an adult she went to see an alternative therapist who told her that she was allergic to cane sugar (surprise surprise NOT), so she began to eliminate it from her diet and no longer suffers eczema. So, my advice to this mother is try eliminating cane sugar from your child’s diet, YES, there will be opposition from others and your efforts will be sabotaged, BUT persist and when your child starts to connect his outbreaks of eczema with his consumption of foods that contain cane sugar, your child will limit his/her own intake.

  • This is actually a really good question. Every doctor can give you a list of what to avoid but they are really not that good at trekking you what to substitute in instead! All the hospital information is about avoidance too.

    We have four kids who we have to keep an eye on for eczema and two who self-manage with occasional reminders. I definitely understand why you are asking. :)

    Having a wide a variety of healthy foods is always foundational to good health. Perhaps a really key issue that is often missed, from a dietary perspective, is to really make sure the person with eczema is hydrated. As soon as soon becomes dry out it’s always more susceptible to eczema.

    Let’s look at some alternatives though. Of course, tyres will be dependent on what foods trigger your child, which you may or may not know at this stage.

    First, in place of soy or dairy milk, you can try almond milk. It is quite thin and watery. In place of better go for oils – for cold serve food I use grapeseed as it also helps in children with intense behaviors and attention issues. And head to a specialty store for ‘not cheese’.

    In place of nuts, you can use split peas and lentils. If they are pre-softened, they work well in stir fries and other Asian dishes. They can also be used to make food balls which can be fried or baked for meals.

    In place of seafood and shellfish, use chicken.

    In place of egg, when cooking, use ripe banana, apple sauce, chia seeds or agar.

    In place of gluten, just had to gluten free flours and pastas, and use rice.

    Just to kick you off I have a muffin recipe for you – just use gluten free flour, olive oil and chia seeds to make it. I have an alternate version posted as well that is for a Thermomix if you have one. The recipe is here: clarketribe.net/recipe/fruit-muffins-regular-recipe/

    I sincerely hope that helps! :)

  • Salmon or other oily fish

  • I’m not sure about foods but in know a friend of mine whose son had bad eczema. He got great relief from it when he swam in the ocean

  • Yes I agree with the last answer.

  • Eating anti-inflammatory foods may help lessen or reduce eczema symptoms. This includes: Fatty fish: such as salmon and herring. Foods containing quercetin: such as apples, blueberries, cherries, broccoli, spinach and kale. Foods containing probiotics: such as yogurt, sourdough bread and soft cheeses, such as Gouda.
    What you eat may not directly cause eczema, but it can trigger an increase in symptoms. This is especially true if you eat a food that you’re allergic or otherwise sensitive to.
    Common food allergies include: dairy products, eggs, soy and nuts.
    Foods containing preservatives and artificial ingredients may also exacerbate symptoms, as could foods high in sugar : cakes, some coffee drinks, some sodas, some smoothies and fast food items, such as burgers.

  • I’m not sure about the foods, but aloe vera on the skin might help. Patch test first though.

  • Stay away from MSG! I find it makes my partners and daughters skin flare up when they have it. Lots of water, fruit, veggies and meats with smaller amounts of salt are the key! A good moisturizing regime is helpful too.

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