Am thinking about doing online shopping, is it worth it?

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  • I haven’t tried either but I love reading the comments.

  • I’ve found Coles better than Woolworths. Woolworths is always late, their bags are often dirty, and they seem to have a lot of out of stocks. Mind you, they’re better at refunding when something isn’t included, and their current payment system is better than Coles.

  • My parents have used it and it has made their life so much easier.

  • I like it because you can shop online in the middle of the night. Although it does take a while when you go to pick it up – I think they could improve this process.

  • Lots of friends love it, and have great experiences with it. I don’t use it, as I love to impulse buy in store LOL

  • It depends on your situation . It is well worth it if you need to have this facility especially if you cannot get out to shop for health reasons or age , or time constraints just wont allow it . It is always best to be able to pick and choose fresh groceries as I am fussy with use by dates and don’t really trust people picking things out for me . However when there will be a time when I really need it , I will be more than happy to compare different supermarkets to see what they offer. I would perhaps go to the store and see how they do the work if you want to seek further enquires , that way you will know if the efficiency of the service suits you .

  • It is the easiest thing ever. A bit time consuming finding everything, but you have the same problem at the actual supermarket. I love it. Click and then collect. Too easy!

  • Hit and miss. Good for free delivery offers. Good as they give you extra deli weight if you order it. Good as they sometimes throw in free items for you to try. Bad because the delivery time is at the tail end of the window given. Bad because they often are out of stock of certain items. Bad because if you are trying to get a refund for something, the telephone process is slow and cumbersome.

  • interested in comments as I have never shopped online. would use it if I was unable to go to the store or not well, this would also be convenient for the frail or aged,

  • Positive experience, only annoying thing is when they are out of stock of something and found fruit and veg difficult to buy online ie I might buy 4 apples in the shop but I don’t know how much it would weigh

  • I can’t get it delivered as I’m in the country so haven’t tried. It’s easier to drive into town.
    I was keen to try click and collect, it’s interesting some people have noticed online items can be dearer… I’d be interested to know how much by? We’re trying to lessen our grocery spend and I’m not sure if the extra price online or spontaneous buys when in store would cost more.

  • Only used them once, placed an order which had heavy bulky items, and things that I basically did not want to carry home, LOL, I placed the order on a Saturday and the order was delivered about 9.30am Sunday morning, I could track how close he was and knew that he was within minutes of delivery despite it was like a 4 hour time slot, everything was correct and my husband was very impressed at my initiative as it saved him from having to unload the car!!!!! will be using them again, Although I enjoy doing my own fruit and veg shopping, meat shopping and simply browsing the aisles, but for specials and heavy items where I spend over $100 this is certainly the easy and simply way to go.

  • Seems like mixed responses to this question; might give it a go and see; and maybe add to the answers!

  • i find that almost all the time 8/10 there will be an item or more likely a whole bag of stuff missing. customer service has been great except one time. i tried to process an order 2 times with no confirmation, but they still took my money twice. it takes up to a week for refunds but the operator didn’t even apologise and woolie’s error had taken the last of our money! thankfully we still had groceries in the cupboard to eat. we always order for delivery first slot of the day. makes me wonder what people think when they get a pack of nappies with their order or meat that wasn’t theirs…..overjoyed i bet. also i think that you have to leave a note for the personal shopper to make sure that they don’t pack your ham and cheese with the meat. a few times they have not sealed the bag and just wrapped it up so it leaks everywhere and ruins whatever else you had in that bag.

  • Good question: looking at this too.

  • We’ve experienced a few problems with Woolworths online – mixed up orders, delivered another customers order, forgot all the cold stuff. We have however received exceptional service with Coles Online. I’d highly recommend Coles online but not so much Woolworths.

  • I’ve done it before when I wasn’t able to transport our groceries home, and it was very convenient to have it delivered. The prices are definitely higher than in-store though. I did find it handy to see the total cost of the groceries and to review the purchases (and delete unneccesary stuff) – definitely fewer spontaneous purchases.

  • I have mostly good experiences with on line shopping but make sure you look at product sizes as I have had a couple of disappointments to do with this. Good luck and enjoy.

  • I have been shopping online with Coles and Woolworths for a while now and there are pros and cons with it just like most things… I think it all depends on what suits your lifestyle.
    The pros for me are not having to go to the supermarket with my 3 kids, 11, 3 1/2 & 10 months and have them ask for everything on the shelves and fight, scream etc. Another big pro is only buying the things you need, saving you money. Everytime i go to the store to shop i end up buying extra things i see costing more at the checkout. The cons are that there never seems to be any delivery times available for a day or 2 after placing your order which is inconvenient if you require your shopping sooner, the delivery cost is a pain but then petrol isn’t cheap either, The delivery sometimes being changed to a later time due to hold ups and one of my biggest peeves is items missing, i always make sure i tick each item off the list as i put it away and there is more so than not a bag missing and when you call them to report it which is an inconvenience they say they can’t come back and deliver it so they will have to refund you the amount for the items. Obviously this is annoying because you purchased the items missing because you needed them so then you have to go back to the shops to get those items which defeats the purpose of the whole online shopping anyway. I still prefer to do my shopping online even with those cons as it just suits my lifestyle better with my husband working away in the mines 6/12 months! Good luck and i hope this helps with your decision :-)

  • I have only shopped online with Woolworths once, and will not do it again. Unless you have your groceries delivered (for which there is a charge), you still need to go to the service desk and wait for your groceries and then get them to your vehicle.

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