I am wondering how to achieve sleep without sleeping tablets.

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  • Sometimes we just can’t sleep no matter what, but trying to have a good balanced diet, and getting daily exercise can help. Try to go to bed/sleep at the same time everyday and same for getting up in the morning. Sometimes you might win, other times you may jot.

  • I wouldn’t know I do shift work which is NOT conducive to natrual sleep pattern at all.

  • I love cedarwood oil in a diffuser!

  • Aren’t we all looking for that elusive sleep? I find if I get out of bed early in the morning and keep busy for most of the day, with lots of outside time, I sleep like a log.

  • I am one of these people who is classified as a light sleeper , but at the same time I don’t really have imsomnia either , but I do sleep relavtively well. One of the main things that affect before I sleep is the time I have dinner. It must be at least more than 2-3 hours before hitting the sack so that I don’t feel bloated and uncomfortable . Perhaps give yourself to wind down , have a warm shower , and maybe even have a glass of warm milk . If you are a worrier ( which I can be ) , then this wont help you sleep either so it is best to make sure you don’t bring work or worries with you at bedtime . I like reading a good book before I sleep and I also have a eye pillow which I bought online which is really soothing as well. All helps me have a better sleep .

  • Routine. Waking and going to bed at same time every day. Get busy during the day, try include outside exercise. Make sure your room is dark, no iPads, iPods, mobiles etc in bed. Read a book in bed. Warm milk about an hour before bedtime, with a couple of Panadol….works for me

  • I find a bath – or even a shower – before bed really helps me, and reading to help me unwind and clear my mind.

  • I listen to meditation tapes also use focus on breath,in for count of 5 hold for 5 and then exhale for 5. do it slowly as does work.meditation tapes help also. Use earphones if others in room

  • Train yourself it will be hard but turn iff all electronics and lay in bed in the dark and practice muscle relaxation techniques. Start doing this about 20 miutes earlier than you usually get to sleep and every week bring it forward by 10 or 20 minutes until you can sleep at the time you would like.

  • Take magnesium one hour before going to bed. It helped me a lot.

  • Krissy do you have more information on these sleep stretches?

  • My friend swears by specific sleep stretches before bed

  • Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. Have a routine like a bath, light reading. Don’t watch tv or be on the computer half an hour at least before bed.

  • Before bed try a routine of no screen for an hour before bed, try reading in bed, even a nice warm tea. There is apparently a tea from coles called Ezy Sleep or something – my PT recommends it to help calm your muscles at night.

  • dont let yourself get overtired in the first. some say if you force yourself to stay awake and keep your eyes wide open you will go to sleep!

  • I did not mention sleeping tablets at all. they are no good and can become addictive. I always have a read in bed for a little while and then i listen to the radio softly in the background and most nights i drift off to sleep within 15 -30 minutes.

  • try not do any over stimulating, that is watch action/horror movies – don’t drink caffeine drinks after 3pm, a warm glass of milk with honey and a easy pleasant book usually works for me.

  • I had enormous trouble falling asleep, and then staying asleep, a number of years ago. A friend who was interested in all things natural suggested that I try “Rescue Remedy”, which is often available from health-food shops. I was sceptical, but I have to admit that it worked. I also found that practicing meditation when I went to bed helped to relax my mind.

  • Stay away from all screens 30 mins before sleep :) keep the bed only for sexy times and sleep :P maybe a book. No lights on in the bedroom! Go to bed the same time every night, even if you don’t fall asleep straight away.

  • Reading a book is great.
    Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, tea, chocolate, TV, exercise before bedtime. If you have a TV in your bedroom, get rid of it! I don’t have any black tea after 4pm or the caffeine will keep me up.
    I once took a great natural product from a natropath to assist with sleep when I was going through a stressful period. It was fantastic. I can’t recall the name, but the tablets (which aren’t addictive) were derived from a flower and although they were very pungent they really helped.

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