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  • I’d say the less time the better.

  • Personally I don’t think children should be on Facebook. I’ve read studies that say people actually feel worse after they’ve been on Facebook because they feel that others are living a better life than them, even though this isn’t true.

  • As little time as possible. There’s so much bad stuff on Facebook. The younger the child, the less access I would allow. Legally, they can’t have a Facebook account until age 13

  • It depends on the kids ages.
    Realistically almost every mobile phone has the Facebook app & you can’t be watching over your children’s shoulders every minute.
    & the messenger app is just like receiving a text message!
    It’s really hard to monitor if they are using Facebook on a mobile.
    If it’s on the family computer it’s a lot easier.
    An hour or so a night should be more than sufficient.
    With homework to be done you don’t want your children wasting time on Facebook.

  • Depends on their ages. I don’t like Facebook much so my kids didn’t have it until they left home

  • Kids need to be high school age and then in limited moderation and not during the school week.

  • 30mins tops I would say but it does depnd on age.

  • when they are mature enough to handle it and make sure you have settings high and that they are your friend so you can keep an eye on things but there is no need to rush to get facebook

  • I don’t think it’s a good use of time at all for kids at school. So much unhealthy behaviour goes on on facebook that parents have no idea about!

  • I don’t think Facebook is a very healthy social media type for kids unless they are heavily supervised while using it. Too many bad things are on there :(

  • I think if they are under 16 should only be half an hour.

  • I wouldn’t let them use facebook until they’re old enough not to be influenced/tricked by other people

  • Depends how old they are. Try limit to no more then a hour a day if teenagers!

  • Its hard ut I would try and keep them off it as long as possible

  • I personally don’t think any child 16 or under should be on it. Just my opinion

  • My eldest two were 13 when I let them join facebook (many of their friends joined much earlier and changed their ages) To be honest, mine don’t use it much at all. I would tend to limit their screen time in total (we still have a screen free day here once a week and the wifi doesn’t go on until after school and goes off overnight).

  • I don’t have children old enough , I don’t think it’s a place for children under the age of 17

  • Depends on the age of the child. I personally am am not a fan of kids under 15 being on facebook. With the way the internet is these days I just don’t think it is in their best interests. Second they should be focusing on their school work. Too many kids are obsessed with ipads and playstations etc. What happened to being outside? My eldest is only 3 and a half and she has hardly any tv time and has never used an ipaf or anything like it.

  • my answer to my own question or my opinion if you like is no more than 2 hours especially if they are still at school and have the dreaded homework to do. Weekends may be a little more relaxed!

  • In response to the question in your topic:

    That’s not an easy question to answer. How old are your children? Facebook says 13 years old is the eligible age to sign up. Honestly, it’s up to the parents of the child to decide, they know the age of their children using Facebook, how mature they are, how trustworthy and responsible they are.

    In response to your other question:
    Our DD was 15 before she started on Facebook, we didn’t have any restrictions, she’s a smart cookie and is internet savvy.

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