My 6yr old autistic daughter was recently suspended for 4 days for running out the classroom and going to the playground and refusing to go back to class.

Is this actually worthy of suspension? I feel as though the school just can not be bothered to try and help her and would rather her be at home as they call me 2-3 times a week before lunch to go pick her up due to “bad behaviour”

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  • Every school has its own policies and disciplinary procedures in place. While it may seem excessive to suspend a young child for running out of the classroom and refusing to return, it’s possible that the school considers this behavior a safety concern or a disruption to the learning environment. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the school is providing appropriate support and accommodations for your daughter’s autism. Besides as a schoolboy I use look here to do writing and I don’t know how fair it would be to exclude me from lessons for doing so, but I hope my writings was informative and such won’t be too suspicious for this )) Consider requesting an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a behavior plan, which can outline specific goals, accommodations, and supports tailored to your daughter’s unique needs. This plan can help guide the school’s approach in addressing her behavior and ensuring her academic and social success.

  • No! No! No! I would be looking for a school who can help your daughter and have her engaged with the class and the surrounding and have a individual learning program. Some schools get funding for your child and can afford a assistant/carer for the day until your child is settled into school life. Have your daughter hospital give you a report that you can take to schools you visit and talk about the programs the school has for autism and other special needs children. State and Public school have great programs you just need to find a school that suits your child. (I changed schools three times before high school and my kids did well each time.)

  • I don’t think suspension is the answer. But teachers are stretched to their limits in classes these days, so they probably are taking the easiest option for them. They have a classroom full of other children that also need their attention. If they’re wrapped up spending extra attention on a single student, other students are missing out. Also, the teachers have to look after the safety of these other children. If the children are witnessing unacceptable behaviour from one student, who isn’t pulled into line or listening to instructions, they might think they can do it too

  • And no I don’t agree with suspension as it’s very much the question what the child learns from it. In your case so called “bad behaviour” can’t be seen as a willful act and so it’s not an appropriate consequence at all.
    Personally I think school should look at why your child runs off at certain moments and be pro-active not reactive and what they can do to keep her safe. Is she getting frustrated ? are they putting too much pressure on her ? does she get regularly brain & physical breaks ? does she have support in the class in the form of a teacher aid ? does she has free access to sensory items ? is the door of the classroom open all the time and could they place a fly screen door ? is she wearing a high fluor visible vest so it’s easier to have an eye on her ? is the school fenced ? when your child is a runner and they fear for her safety, court would just say they have to put a fence up. It’s no excuse to send her home !

  • So wrong !! An inclusive school should make reasonable adjustments to make school safe and full time accessible for your child. I would try to talk with school myself first, but when you can’t come to an agreement I would suggest you phone with an Inclusion Coach of the Autism Hub of the Department of Education. Which state do you live ?

  • We had this all the time with my Autistic grandson. They didn’t understand that he was trying to go somewhere quiet as the classroom noise overwhelmed him. It took years and a lot of suspensions and meetings until they understood.

  • Your daughter should not be suspended. This is crazy. It is the schools duty of care to assist her in the classroom via an aide and processes put in place to help her when she is struggling with rules and learning etc. Speak to the principal and if your childs needs are not being met I would take it further. Some schools are great and cater for kids with disabilities so maybe a change of school might be the best for her. Good luck

  • I dont think its worthy of being suspended.

  • That does not need a suspension! When my kids were at school, I remember kids using a lighter on another kids hair. One kid cracked open a pencil sharpener and took out the blade to slash the seats on the school bus and threaten another child. A guinea pig was bought into class to show the kids, one kid threw it across the room then threw chairs and swore at the teacher for trying to stop him. None of these kids in these incidents was suspended, they just got a talking to from the principal.

  • no that certainly does not warrant a suspension. I would make time to speak with the principal. If you don’t get anywhere call the local educational services team on 131 536 who can assist and provide advice and support.

  • Shouldn’t she have right to an extra teacher that stays with her during school time?

  • That’s not cool at all they have everything they need to get help and that’s definitely what they should be doing. Not sure where you are or if it’s a small school and there are no other options school wise but maybe research as much as you can and get a meeting with the school and sit down and ask them to formulate a plan for your daughter she deserves to be supported and the earlier they do it the better it will be for her but also the school.

  • She was diagnosed before school began this year and the school were made aware of this and a copy of the report given before school started. They have done nothing to obtain help for her, not even an SSO

  • Depends on the circumstances if she is diagnosed and the school has a teachers aide and the capacity to help her they should be doing more but if not it might be the only option for the school. It’s hard for teachers with a full class.

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