Would like to know what is the essentials to pack for in your maternity/baby bag ready for birth?

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  • My hospital gave me towels,i packed about 4 undies, 2 nursing bras, 3 packs of maternity pads, mini shower bottle for me and baby, hairbrush,roll on ,loufa,charger for phone, empty plastic bags,3 change of clothes for baby,mine had a poop explosion so mum had to go back and get some more , about 15 nappies

  • For you:
    Maternity pads
    Black knickers
    Nursing singlets
    Dressing gown
    Heat pack
    Snacks/chewing gum
    Water bottle
    Pillow if you can’t sleep without yours
    Earplugs (if you put bub into the nursery for a few hours… They are to blockout the general noise so you can get a solid 2-3 hours sleep)

    For baby:
    Going home outfit

  • For my first baby I went all out I packed everything.. I ended up not needing most of it. Second time round I put in only what I used the first time but since I wasn’t in hospital as long I didn’t need most of that either. Just pack your nipple cream towel and change of clothes for yourself and bubs first nappies and clothes. Then anything else if you need it get you hubby or visitors to bring it in…. Most hospitals have their own wraps that they use so you don’t need to worry bout them.

  • Nipple cream, a towel as hospital ones are short, compfy change of clothing, headphones, powerade or cordial as the water in plastic jug gets a bit boring after a while, hair brush ties, maternity pads, breast pads, camera or phone to take that first family pic, list of numbers for family friends, compfy bed socks, pen and paper or magazine, swiss ball if you are using one, own pillows, moistrizer, maybe massage oil for support person to massage your back with, snacks, lots of old undies, breastfeedable tops, 10 nappies and packet of wipes, sample sized bodywash and shampoo conditioner, toothbrush paste or mouthwash, facial clensing wipes, maybe a fan, bag for dirty laundry, lip balm

  • clothing for you and your bub – pack comfy pjs or a nightie for yourself. nappies and wipes for bubs – hospitals don’t always supply it. maternity pads for yourself – you may need them. toiletries for yourself and anything you might want to use for bub. comfort pillows. dressing gown and slippers

  • Oooo can’t wait for my bounty bag!

  • your baby bounty bag should have a book that suggests a great list. i didn’t go overboard on packing. Just what i would need, clothes, pants and little entertainment and things for bub. I took a few nappies and clothes. the hospital supplied me with so much stuff that i had to reject their offers of pads and nappies etc (because i had this stuff, i thought that i would save it for others that would need it more), They dressed my baby up in an outfit and blanket and i was allowed to take these home (although later, i dressed my baby in clothes that i had brought already to take bub home in).

    Definately if you want your preferred type of maternity pads or nappies, bring them. I suggest taking a few snacks. After i had my youngest bub, the hospital made me have a drink of lemonade and eat a sandwich to get my energy levels up. Then i was moved to my room when it was all good. My first child, the hospital wasn’t accommodating AT ALL so the treatment that you get in hospital varies from each hospital to each year apparently lol. Check this out with your midwife. Oh i was also allowed to charge my phone if need be which is so opposite from my first hospital which would NOT let me even turn it on.

  • Might find out from the hospital and what they provide so I can pack some of the ideas your awesome people have given!

  • The hospital gives a list

  • we packed so much as we were told to bring in music, pillows etc etc and nothing was used at all!

  • For baby:
    Clothes, nappies, wipes, wrap/blanket, dummy (if you wish to use one)
    For you:
    Clothes, undies (buy some big granny ones. These will come in handy to fit the enormous maternity pads, and/or if you have a C-Section you will be glad to not have any hipster briefs pressing against your scar), pads, nursing bra, breast pads, toiletries, dried fruit (you will need these for after) :)
    The hospital I stayed in provided some of this stuff, but I still chose to use my own.

  • How long will you be in hospital? Private hospital allow 4 days for natural birth and 5 for caesarian. They recommend 3 x packets maternity pads, toiletries, pjs, day clothes, clothes for baby optional, nappies,

  • It really depends on the hospital because they all provide slightly different things. I’d recommend doing a hospital tour and asking questions about baby clothing, nappies and wipes etc. My hospital provided all of those things but I know of others that don’t.
    Hope that helps :-)

  • Concentrate on things that you will need. The hospital should provide clothes, wraps and nappies for bub, so you will only need something to take them home in. Buy some nice new toiletries, a nice pair of pyjamas or comfy clothes you can wear in front of people, take a little makeup if you wish. You will also need a nursing bra. The hospital should provide sanitary pads, but I used my own nursing pads and I didn’t see any on offer. You may not have much time for leisure, but take a book or something just in case.

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