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  • Are you looking for pretty or practical type plants? Some herbs can do well with minimal care, same with hardy flower plants. Best to check if they need direct or indirect sunlight to do their best.

  • I’d go for succulents as they need little watering so are harder to kill. You can have different varieties in pots so they are colourful.

  • We hardly did anything with our snow peas and they thrived. It is also great to see what plants from your supermarket scraps. Capsicum are great for that.

  • we love snow, snap, sugar peas and beans, they grow awesomely and the kids can eat them straight from the garden, strawberries are a great on as well

  • Succulents and cacti are probably the easiest plants for children to grow.

  • I spent some lovely time with my grandsons planting succulents.
    we used old tea cups and various containers. They had a lovely time and because the plants take really well and dont take much looking after they were a hit !

  • Hardy herbs are great because they can also cut them and see them put to use in cooking. Other than that succulents are pretty hard to kill.

  • Sunflowers or freesias just about look after themselves and are so pretty in the garden. Cacti are pretty hardy as long as the kids don’t get carried away with the watering, and can be grown outside or inside in little pots.

  • Sunflowers are probably the most traditional seeds to give children. They germinate so easily, you can have children start the seeds indoors to see how fast they sprout, then move seedlings out to the garden. There are so many ways to go, from mammoth varieties that grow more than 10 feet high to puffy teddy-bear cultivars.
    Kid appeal: They’ll get a kick out of watching sun-flowers grow big and tall. Then they can harvest the seeds for themselves, or watch the birds eat them up.

  • have a mix of quick to grow, edible and pretty things in their dection of the garden. quick to grow keeps them interested to start with, growing your own fruit and veg is amazing (i recommend beans, cherry tomatoes, and snow peas – quick, and prolific fruiting), and pretty flowers to pick are always nice!

  • My kids love to spend time in the garden. We have two types of plants: ones we eat and ones we grow for our chickens and other wildlife. My girls love growing peas, as they grow fast and you can get so many kinds and they love to compare how they taste. Strawberries are another winner. We have a section of the yard where they are allowed to help themselves to anything that grows there and this includes cherry tomatoes that they can wrap a basil leaf around, parsley, passionfruit, orange trees and a mango tree. We also have an apple tree, that was one little stick when we planted it together, and they have watched to grow leaves, flowers and then fruit they can help themselves to. If they grow it themselves, they seem to eat it!

  • Little garden kits should also be available at garden nursery centres to buy for children. Spring is on the way and there are usually lots of good plants and kits on sale.

  • Radishes grown from seed because they are quick to germinate (within days) and once the bulb is large enough they can be eaten.
    A great way to teach the cycle of life and where food comes from.

  • Any plant that is hardy and has reasonable growth is fun for children to tend to and watch grow.

  • Bulbs are lovely. But maybe they take a little too long for a child.

  • Plastic. No just kidding. Any plant will do. Children love to watch their own plants grow. Best to pick something really fast growing as children lose interest quickly. Spinach grows fast so does lettuce and some herbs. Best to ask at a place like Bunnings or a nursery for fast growing flowers etc they will help you. If possible take the child to pick out a couple that they recommend. (A few in case one dies or doesn’t grow) love to all. Lyn

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