I don’t know if I should be worried or just being paranoid. But here goes anyways; I haven’t felt my baby kick yet and I’m almost 5 months pregnant. Is it normal? Please help. Thank you

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  • Have you tried sitting down and rubbing your tummy and talking to your belly I’m not sure… if your worried go to a gp or talk to a friend

  • I had an anterior placenta with DS so thought it would be ages before I felt his little kicks, but I started to notice flutters around 16 weeks. It was magical.

  • about 16 weeks i felt kicking and 20 weeks my husband could feel

  • 16-18 weeks with all but one of my pregnancies with anterior placenta I didnt feel him til around 29-30 weeks

  • Yes it can be normal. It can also depend where your placenta is. I’d recommend talking with your midwife or OB about your concerns.
    My first baby I felt around 16-17weeks. Second baby at13.5 weeks

  • What the tar-nation is going on only just realised this post/question was started in 2013 …this child would be 5 now. Wishing all the very best.

  • Oh so long ago seriously would have to consult my children’s baby books, Any how maybe it’s worth asking and checking with your Dr. Wishing you and bub all the very best.

  • For me it was almost 21 weeks so that sounds about right at around 5 months. Maybe soon you will feel him or her kick!

  • Depends on whether you have an anterior or posterior placenta, can take longer if it’s behind. I think for me it was approx 14 weeks flutters but no strong kicks to much later

  • I felt my baby kick quite early, at around 17 weeks from memory. But depends on so many different factors so I would be worried if your scans etc are all looking good. The position of your placenta could be blocking the kicks or even the position of the baby.

  • I was about 23 weeks, everyone kept telling me I should feel it by then but I didn’t.. I wouldn’t stress

  • I think felt my first one kicking when I was 4 months pregnant.
    Talk about any concern or question you have with you midwife !

  • I didn’t feel my baby until late but I had been warned that would happen because of how bub was sitting. If you’re concerned I’d see the Dr.

  • It depends on a few things. Obviously I can only list what I know. So just to name a few:
    1. Position of the placenta ie anterior or posterior.
    2. Is this first pregnancy? Because it’s apparently common to feel later in first pregnancy.
    3. (Not to sound rude) Weight of around the pelvic/abdomen might come influence.

  • I was around four months when I first felt bubs kicks. Such a special moment

  • I felt my first movement at 16weeks! I have heard that’s really early for a first Bub! :-)

  • About half way through. 2nd pregnancy I was told would feel it sooner but the placenta is positioned at the front and acting like a big cushion so it was around the same time or even later with number 2

  • It was a beautiful moment about the 5 month stage. Pregnancy is such a beautiful process. I can’t wait to have another :-)

  • I am very curious to read all the answers for myself

  • my docs thought that i wasn’t as far along as i was saying that i was, because i didn’t feel kicks for ages. with a scan, it turned out that my baby was facing my spine (anterior) so i didn’t feel kicks until she turned around at about 5months. and then she sat in breech until 36weeks which had me freaked out lol.

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