When did your children stop believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy?
I have 8 year old twins, who still believe and I’m just wondering how long this magic can last – I wanna push it forever lol!

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  • I found that even when they don’t believe anymore, they’re happy to keep the magic alive :)

  • My eldest stopped believing around about 10 or 11, but his brother (now 10) still firmly believes.

  • Pretty sure your kids won’t be far from not believing anymore. Sad! It’s hard to keep it up once they start school as the older kids like to spoil it for the younger ones

  • Someone at school told both my kids last year. My son was 6 and my daughter 8. I think they both were a bit sus but we were keeping it alive at home. I was devastated to find out. We still carry on as normal and my favourite saying is “if you don’t believe you won’t receive”

  • My son got a bit suss around the age of 10, and he was quick to share his thoughts with his younger siblings. Sad when they stop believing, but you can still name it fun

  • My daughter started questioning at around five when she started school and I confessed. She was quite okay with it – like she’d just found out a secret. My friend, however, waited till her daughter was about nine years of age, and her daughter did not deal with the news very well.

  • About 7-8 but all kids are dofferent

  • My kids are still believers and my oldest is almost 9. She has said that some of her friends have told her that Santa isn’t true and I just said that it’s really sad not to believe – that I myself still believe in the magic of Santa (not lying……I do believe in the magic of santa/christmas and all the joy they bring). I told her it’s OK to believe different things but that I feel sorry for her friends.

  • That’s a,axing! Keep the magic alive as long as possible! My kids are still only young but I plan on trying my best to make them believe as long as I can!

  • 7 and still believe. But i suspect that she has suspicions. But she will make believe about it even if she does know all kids do, until they are ready to let it go. I never believed in any of it but i always played along

  • My daughter is 12 years old and she still believes in Santa Claus. I guess it won’t be long before she finds out.

  • if you want to keep it going as long as you can, I’m disappointed that my oldest is starting to disbelieve at 11 yo.

  • my child ,who is 7, still believes in it all but is starting questioning it after hearing other kids say that it’s not real at school

  • My kids are too young but in my family we always went on pretending we believed, it sounds strange but we just loved the magic!

  • My daughter has just turned 11 and she’s a believer :) it’s costing me a small fortune! Lol

  • My son still believed at age 10 and then I decided to tell him as I thought he would get teased if he still believed in Santa beyond that.It was obvious none of his friends still believed! My daughter just turned 7 and all her friends are excited and discuss Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa visits. Keep the magic alive as long as you can :)

  • My 12 year old worked it out this Christmas just gone.. but his nine year old brother still believes. Keep that magic as long as you can!

  • My son is 8 too and still believes (I think). But I’m wondering if he is clueing on as the other day he mentioned the fact that in a series of 6 books – Santa gave him the first 3 and I gave him the second 3.

  • Both my children aged nearly 8 yrs & nearly 9 yrs still belive. I too am still waiting for them not to. I do know they stop believing from kids at school as my 7.5yr old daughter told me a few months ago that I was the tooth fairy because I left her a note to clean her room!! My son also told my mum that there is no Santa he’s not real, but I have told him if he don’t beliieve than Santa won’t come & that the many Santa’s around in the shops etc are not the real ones ony helpers for Santa as they give Santa the list as there’s too many kids for the real Santa so he needs help.
    I too am waiting for the day ;{

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