My little girl is 19 months old and still sleeps in her cot. It is a big cot and she has plenty of room. She also rolls around a lot and we like the safety of the cot so she doesn’t fall out. When is the best time to move to a bed?

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  • They were all different ages. My youngest being the latest (she has Down Syndrome) when she was just 5yrs old. She didn’t cope well with a bed and started to bash the walls with it so we removed the bed and she lays on a mattress on the floor or sometimes even on the bare floor. We had to strip the whole room down except for soft toys and have locks on the cupboards (as she emptied all cupboards every night).

  • We waited until our 2 could climb out of the cot before moving them into a bed. My daughter was about 16 months and my son was closer to 2.

  • My daughter was around three years old when we moved her from a cot to a low single bed.

  • I move my foster children around 2 years. But it depends on the individual child. Some can be moved earlier than others. When doing so, I always keep the cot set up so a trial can be done

  • I’m in the process of moving my 18 month old now

  • Whenever you think is a good time, is the best time to move her. She seems happy in the cot still, with room to move and she rolls around a lot…so leave her there for a while longer

  • when she starts to climb out the cot and there is a danger of falling. I would suggest staying in cot for as long as possible.

  • We don’t move our kids to a bed until they are trying to climb out of the cots and the cot stops being safe! We are up to our 3rd child. Both girls were out shortly after their second birthday which is when they suddenly appeared beinhd us when we thought they were sleeping, but our son is almost 2.5 and hasn’t even tried. Knowing how much harder bedtimes get the first year they are out of the cot, we aren’t in a rush!

  • Our cots convert into little beds so we’ll be using them for as long as we can — I believe that they’ll let us know in their own way when they’re ready for it!

  • The longer you leave it the harder it will be.

  • Depends on how active your little one is. If she gets to the stage of climbing out of the cot when she wakes up, and you’re worried about her falling and hurting herself, then that would be the time to start looking at a bed for her. If she’s happy in the cot for now, and she’s got plenty of room, then I’d leave her in it.

  • If it’s a big cot that she fits comfortably in then there is no rush. I think anywhere up to 4 years.

  • 2 is a good age… 1 is way too young i think unless you have bed railings

  • there are some good comments here

  • i moved my daughter into a toddler bed when she was 1,

  • it really does come down to what works for you. My 2 year old is still in a cot and is only just going to move into a disabled bed (bigger cot due to seizures) in the next few weeks. If your child is climbing in and out all the time then that is a good reason to transfer them to a normal bed.

  • We have just set up our son’s room with a mattress on the floor. We will be moving his cot into that room for awhile while he transitions. Starting next week he will have day time sleeps in the bed and night time sleeps in the cot for about a month, then all sleeps in the bed for about a month then we will take the cot and put it back in the nursery ready for our next baby in July.

  • Our daughter had a big cot and stayed in it till she turned 3. It was her own space, she loved it, she would put herself to bed when tired. On waking she would play quietly with her toys and climb out when ready. We left the sides down as she got older and put pillows and a doona on the floor in case she fell out. Her older brother had a bed from 14 months old so each child is different.

  • I would leave her in the cot. I have just moved my 22month old because he was climbing out of the cot- or rather climb/ falling. No rush.

  • If bub has enough room then I would keep the cot. :-)

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